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This Is Why the iPhone 11 Doesn't Have 5G
7-band support in the Intel XMM but still we need three RF variants
iphone  apple  baseband  modem  intel  qualcomm  lte  5g  ovum 
3 days ago by yorksranter
Multitel expands fixed-wireless LTE to five provinces
TeleGeography’s free daily email summary of the world’s top telecom news stories.
Angola  LTE  fixedwireless  Africa  2019  expansion  Multitel 
3 days ago by stevesong
Cheat sheet: which 4G LTE bands do AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint use in the USA? - PhoneArena
What are the 4G LTE bands supported by AT&T? Do they differ from the 4G LTE bands that T-Mobile uses? And what about Verizon Wireless massive 4G LTE network and its supported frequencies? And where is Sprint left in the 4G LTE picture?...
celphone  lte  lteband 
5 days ago by rdump
“There’s nothing you can’t do with LTE” – talking ports and private LTE with Druid Software
“We are providing private LTE radio access and core networks for port automation. We have deployed in Rotterdam using the Dutch 5G spectrum in 3.7 GHz (B43) band. We have scaled up from the initial pilot programme some years ago to over 500 connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) and 19 eNodeBs to date.”
druid  privatemobile  5g  lte  ovum  ports  logistics 
16 days ago by yorksranter
Mozambique's Tmcel plays catch up with 4G deployment - ITWeb Africa
Operator confirms plans to deploy LTE internet connectivity by the end of the year.
Mozamibique  TMCEL  Africa  4G  LTE  expansion  2019 
18 days ago by stevesong
Limited in coverage, performs over 800% faster than , data shows
LTE  5G  from twitter_favs
29 days ago by schee
Paratus | Always Prepared - Telecommunications Services in Namibia - News Details
Paratus was founded as Internet Technologies Namibia in 2005 as the first privately and 100% wholly owned Namibian telecommunications operator.
Africa  2019  Namibia  TD-LTE  LTE  4G  expansion  Paratus 
5 weeks ago by stevesong
Airtel offers 4G home broadband service in 130 cities
TeleGeography’s free daily email summary of the world’s top telecom news stories.
Africa  2019  Airtel  4G  LTE  Expansion  nigeria 
5 weeks ago by stevesong
UCC investigates Airtel Uganda's claims of having a countrywide 4G Network – Techjaja
Rolling out a countrywide 4G network is close to impossible and worse still, advertising that you have 4G everywhere seems to have irked some
Africa  Uganda  4G  LTE  coverage  opentelecomdata  2019  misc 
7 weeks ago by stevesong
Depois da falsa 4G da Vodacom maputenses passam a ter 4,5G LTE da Movitel
@Verdade Depois da falsa 4G da Vodacom os maputenses passam a ter 4,5G LTE da Movitel director de marketing, Hélder Cassimo
Africa  2019  Mozambique  4G  LTE  launch  Movitel  lte-advanced  lte-a  4.5g 
7 weeks ago by stevesong
Developing Telecoms - Developing Telecoms
Airtel has refarmed the 900 MHz band spectrum being used for 3G to further strengthen its 4G network.
airtel  LTE  3G  refarming  spectrum  900mhz  ovum 
10 weeks ago by yorksranter

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