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Detecting spacecraft anomalies using LSTMs and nonparametric dynamic thresholding
A framework for using LSTMs to detect anomalies in multivariate time series data. Includes spacecraft anomaly data and experiments from the Mars Science Laboratory and SMAP missions
LSTM  Anomaly  Detection 
yesterday by FredericJacobs
Understanding LSTM Networks -- colah's blog
Humans don’t start their thinking from scratch every second. As you read this essay, you understand each word based on your understanding of previous words. You don’t throw everything away and start thinking from scratch again. Your thoughts have persistence.

Traditional neural networks can’t do this, and it seems like a major shortcoming. For example, imagine you want to classify what kind of event is happening at every point in a movie. It’s unclear how a traditional neural network could use its reasoning about previous events in the film to inform later ones.

Recurrent neural networks address this issue. They are networks with loops in them, allowing information to persist.
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4 weeks ago by euler
jaungiers/LSTM-Neural-Network-for-Time-Series-Prediction: LSTM built using Keras Python package to predict time series steps and sequences. Includes sin wave and stock market data
LSTM built using Keras Python package to predict time series steps and sequences. Includes sin wave and stock market data - jaungiers/LSTM-Neural-Network-for-Time-Series-Prediction
lstm  time-series  keras  deep-learning  github 
6 weeks ago by nharbour
Time Series Prediction Using LSTM Deep Neural Networks
Whilst this article aims to give a working example of LSTM deep neural networks in practice, it has only scratched the surface of their potential and application in sequential and temporal problems.

As of writing, LSTMs have been successfully used in a multitude of real-world problems from classical time series issues as described here, to text auto-correct, anomaly detection and fraud detection, to having a core in self-driving car technologies being developed.

There are currently some limitations with using the vanilla LSTMs described above, specifically in the use of a financial time series, the series itself has non-stationary properties which is very hard to model (although advancements have been made in using Bayesian Deep Neural Network methods for tackling non-stationarity of time series). Also for some applications it has also been found that newer advancements in attention based mechanisms for neural networks have out-performed LSTMs (and LSTMs coupled with these attention based mechanisms have outperformed either on their own).
deeplearning  timeseries  AI  ML  LSTM 
6 weeks ago by euler

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