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"gopls (pronounced: "go please") is the official language server for the Go language. It is currently in alpha, so it is not stable. [...] In general you should not need to know anything about gopls, it should be integrated into your editor for you."
(it should come with all current(2019) go installations)
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3 days ago by mechazoidal
"The Language Server protocol is used between a tool (the client) and a language smartness provider (the server) to integrate features like autocomplete, go to definition, find all references and alike into the tool"
"The LSP was created by Microsoft to define a common language for programming language analyzers to speak."
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3 days ago by mechazoidal
GitHub - autozimu/LanguageClient-neovim: Language Server Protocol (LSP) support for vim and neovim.
Easier to install then coc.vim: the core is a Rust binary, and it integrates nicely with deoplete/omnifunc/fzf
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4 weeks ago by mechazoidal
It’s a beautiful day for this celebration and games for the kids
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5 weeks ago by cmulbrandon

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