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Nearside Spectacular! | Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera
ルナー・リコネサンス・オービターのWAC(Wide Angle Camera)が捉えた月面全体写真。
December 2010
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september 2015 by ikishichi
LRO LOLA Elevation Model 118m (LDEM GDR) | USGS Astrogeology Science Center
This digital elevation model (DEM) is based on data from the Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter (LOLA; Smith and others, 2010),…
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march 2015 by billmerrill
From DFR Technologies, this 1/92 scale kit of the Atlas V models the AV401 Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter / Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LRO/LCROSS) mission. Based around a BT-60 diameter tube, this nice-size rocket doesn't get lost on the launch rack with other models. It stands out because of its unique nose shape and lots of 3D printed parts on the rear end. The rocket also has a pre-applied color body wrap, which means this rocket is easy to finish, and looks awesome. It flies on just about any 24mm diameter motor, so it will give you a thunderous roar when it lifts off.
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january 2014 by irb
It's Okay To Be Smart • Tour the Moon Like You’ve Only Imagined: From the...
Tour the Moon Like You’ve Only Imagined: From the Earth to... — from (author unknown) (It's Okay To Be Smart) —
Tour the Moon Like You’ve Only Imagined: From the Earth to the Moon

I’m not crying, that’s just moon dust in my eye.

Heavily-booted human feet have not touched the surface of the Moon for four decades. But we continue to experience it, day after day, in the images brought to us by robotic stellar explorers. These images are as informative as they are inspirational.

The Center for Lunar Science and Exploration teamed up with NASA to create this simply wonderful fly-through of lunar geography. Thanks to the digital archives of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and many other previous missions, nearly every speck of the Moon’s surface has been captured in stunning detail.

Here, those images have been stitched into 3D fly-bys. None of these are artist’s representations or illustrations. Every image in this video is real. Full screen, HD, sit back and smile.

Let’s keep exploring, shall we?

(for more background, an introduction, or to download the video, visit the YouTube page)
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october 2012 by erikmh
The Top 14 Astronomy Pictures of 2010 | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
Use the thumbnails and arrows to browse the images, and click on the images themselves to go through to blog posts with more details and descriptions.
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april 2012 by jmkeiter
Evidence of extraterrestrial life could be sitting on the Moon at this very moment [Space]
When you consider the utter vastness of space, it isn't hard to accept that, somewhere out there, extraterrestrial life probably exists. That being said, one can just as soon reason that the Universe is so immense, the odds of us actually finding evidence for the existence of alien organisms are probably pretty slim. Given the mind-boggling hugeness of the cosmos, where would we even begin looking for signs of life? More »
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december 2011 by rwhe
High resolution topographic map of the Moon
NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has provided data for a global map of the Moon's topography, published on 16th November.
Moon  lunar  topography  NASA  LRO  imaging  elevation  map  astronomy  photography  maps  JHM 
november 2011 by chrisjj
BBC News - Nasa releases sharpest ever Moon elevation map
#Nasa releases sharpest ever #Moon elevation #map #visualisation #mapping #LRO #lunar #landscape
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november 2011 by anjackson
Apollo Hoax Believers… please, PLEASE shut up now… « Cumbrian Sky
RT : RT : Some personal thoughts on the gorgeous new images of the Apollo landing sites:
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september 2011 by alun
NASA - NASA Spacecraft Images Offer Sharper Views of Apollo Landing Sites
♺ @NASA_Johnson: See the Apollo landing sites like you've never seen before, including the astronaut footprints:
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september 2011 by renfrowk

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