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The nine rules of "Freddish": the positive, inclusive empathic language of Mr Rogers / Boing Boing
"Per the pamphlet, there were nine steps for translating into Freddish:

“State the idea you wish to express as clearly as possible, and in terms preschoolers can understand.” Example: It is dangerous to play in the street. ​​​​​​
“Rephrase in a positive manner,” as in It is good to play where it is safe.
“Rephrase the idea, bearing in mind that preschoolers cannot yet make subtle distinctions and need to be redirected to authorities they trust.” As in, “Ask your parents where it is safe to play.”
“Rephrase your idea to eliminate all elements that could be considered prescriptive, directive, or instructive.” In the example, that’d mean getting rid of “ask”: Your parents will tell you where it is safe to play.
“Rephrase any element that suggests certainty.” That’d be “will”: Your parents can tell you where it is safe to play.
“Rephrase your idea to eliminate any element that may not apply to all children.” Not all children know their parents, so: Your favorite grown-ups can tell you where it is safe to play.
“Add a simple motivational idea that gives preschoolers a reason to follow your advice.” Perhaps: Your favorite grown-ups can tell you where it is safe to play. It is good to listen to them.
“Rephrase your new statement, repeating the first step.” “Good” represents a value judgment, so: Your favorite grown-ups can tell you where it is safe to play. It is important to try to listen to them.
“Rephrase your idea a final time, relating it to some phase of development a preschooler can understand.” Maybe: Your favorite grown-ups can tell you where it is safe to play. It is important to try to listen to them, and listening is an important part of growing."
Fred_Rogers  Mr_Rogers  communication  strategy  childhood  children  empathy  inclusion  inclusivity  LoveFirst 
22 hours ago by KuraFire
This 75-Year Harvard Study Found the 1 Secret to Leading a Fulfilling Life |
"What that means is this: It doesn't matter whether you have a huge group of friends and go out every weekend or if you're in a "perfect" romantic relationship (as if those exist). It's the quality of the relationships--how much vulnerability and depth exists within them; how safe you feel sharing with one another; the extent to which you can relax and be seen for who you truly are, and truly see another.

According to George Vaillant, the Harvard psychiatrist who directed the study from 1972 to 2004, there are two foundational elements to this: "One is love. The other is finding a way of coping with life that does not push love away."

Thus, if you've found love (in the form of a relationship, let's say) but you undergo a trauma like losing a job, losing a parent, or losing a child, and you don't deal with that trauma, you could end up "coping" in a way that pushes love away.

This is a very good reminder to prioritize not only connection but your own capacity to process emotions and stress. If you're struggling, get a good therapist. Join a support group. Invest in a workshop. Get a grief counselor. Take personal growth seriously so you are available for connection."
psychology  Harvard  important  love  LoveFirst  relationships 
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"With a focus on experiences that are difficult to deal with and difficult to respond to, Supportal features first-hand accounts of people who have experienced life-changing challenges. They detail the best and most thoughtful ways people in their lives responded and we provide recommendations that will make it easy for you to do the same."
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One Million Followers: How I Built a Massive Social Following in 30 Days by Brendan Kane | Goodreads
Probably a great book on using Facebook advertising to build social media with, but requires lots of money to spend on marketing.
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What is your life's blueprint? | Martin Luther King Jr: An extraordinary life
"Number one in your life’s blueprint, should be a deep belief in your own dignity, your worth and your own somebodiness. Don’t allow anybody to make you fell that you’re nobody. Always feel that you count. Always feel that you have worth, and always feel that your life has ultimate significance."
life  life_lessons  blueprint  important  LoveFirst  NorthStar 
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Why Are The Democrats’ Bad Men Refusing to Step Down?
“What all this reinforces is that what is important seems to be power for power’s sake, not power on behalf of making more resources available to more people; not power on behalf of simply doing the right thing.”

Why we need a reprioritization across society.
Democrats  politics  why_LoveFirst  Republicans  LoveFirst  power  prioritization  powerful  Rebecca_Traister 
17 days ago by KuraFire
Why comfort will ruin your life | Bill Eckstrom | TEDxUniversityofNevada - YouTube
“Discomfort … is the only environment where sustained or exponential growth can occur.”

"Left on their own, people will consciously or subconsciously select the comfort of order."

Three complexity triggers:

1. it is forced upon you
2. someone can help you get there (parents, teachers, coaches, etc.)
3. you seek to trigger it yourself
important  LoveFirst  comfort  vulnerability  growth  change  used_in_weekly_email 
8 weeks ago by KuraFire
Calming the Monkey Mind | Psychology Today
“try to sit still for a minute and think about what calms you. Contemplate how you can incorporate these activities into your daily life. Even just a few minutes of a walking meditation or mindful breathing can bring you into the present moment.”

Writing Prompt:

Practice focusing on the here and now. Take a few slow, deep breaths, and focus on your belly. What are you seeing, sensing, hearing, or intuiting at this moment? Ask your body what you’re feeling. Do you feel discomfort anywhere? Does an image pop into your mind? This is body intelligence.

Writing Prompt:

Describe the person your mind thinks you are. What do you look like? What do you believe? What is your connection with the universe or your loved ones? Have someone else write about you. Does this person perceive you in the same way you perceive yourself?
psychology  monkey_mind  mindfulness  meditation  LoveFirst 
8 weeks ago by KuraFire
Why Sharing Your Personal Story Can Offer Real Health Benefits
“sharing personal narratives functions as a sort of group therapy session, helping everyone involved: The teller lightens her psychological burden, while listeners can have an emotionally rich and, it turns out, physically healing experience.”
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