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6 Ways to Find Your Soul-Mate - Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser - YouTube
This is what dude says and it's pretty true: 1. Worry about your relationship with god; god will find your soul mate for you 2. Your soul mate is alive right now; pray for that person 3. Understand privacy and keep private things private so that you are good at doing that when you're married. hmmm. 4. Don't have platonic friendships with same gender as person you want to marry hmmmmmmmm 5. Don't have expectations; you can have deal breakers but understand that marriage is work 6. You. Make sure you love yourself first. Relationships can't be a band-aid or a way of getting love. Good relationships are about giving love from a place of self love.
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3 days ago by emily
A divorce lawyer’s guide to staying together
“I think that’s how marriages end. Very slowly and then all at once. There are lots of little things that happen and then the flood comes, then the big things happen. The question is, can we stop the little things that take us further away from each other before it’s too late?”

“At the risk of sounding unromantic, I think you have to look at a person and say, ‘Okay, is this a person who is going to make sense at all different phases of this journey? Because my life is going to change. I’m going to change. What’s important to me is going to change. Is this a person who can change with me so that we end up [moving] in the same direction? Or is this someone who makes sense for me at this chapter and may not in the future?’”

“In the book, I urge people to just ‘hit send now,’ which means always call out those little things immediately in the moment, always address them right now. If you don’t do that, if you let the resentments grow, those raindrops become a flood and it’s too late to put everything back together again.”

“It’s the same thing with love. I think you fall in love really fast, then fall out of love slowly. And if you want to keep your love alive, you have to be attentive to all the little things that go wrong along the way, and constantly course-correct. If you can do that, you’ll never set foot in my office.”
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3 days ago by jasdev

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