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Away Childish Things - lettered
[The one where Harry de-ages while investigating a potions case and Draco takes care of him. so so good!]

"The man sounded so worried that Harry almost wanted to reassure him.

“Potter.” The man shoved the phial he’d been holding in his pocket. “You do know what magic is?”

Harry frowned. “Pulling rabbits and things out of hats, cutting women in half. I never knew you could actually appear in thin air.”

“Cutting women . . . in half?”

“Like on telly.”

“Ah,” the man said. “Yes. Television.” The man paused, seeming to hesitate."
hp  hp:harry/draco  lettered  caretohitsend  firsttime  futurefic  kidfic  h/c  angst  pining  bodyswap  truth-serum  love-spell  aww  thinky  PG-13  length:100-200k  saved:WILL  favorite  * 
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Desiderata - stereobone - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Tony doesn't know anything about love. He's convinced himself it's for the best.
Amora puts a love spell on Loki so he loves Tony!

Words: 30,248

NOTE: Long story generally ok.
Avengers  Tony/Loki  Love-Spell 
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Fools of Us All - adelagia
[original link:]

"Merlin looked stunned for a moment, like he'd just run into a stone wall, and then mustered up a relieved laugh. "Oh, thank god, Arthur," he breathed. "I'm safe with you!"

"What -- Of course you are. I'd never let any harm come to -- Wait, are you hurt? Did someone hurt you?" Arthur asked, his heart rapidly patching itself together just in time to clench painfully at the thought of someone laying hands on Merlin. Immediately, he stepped forward to check Merlin for injuries and find out who he needed to have killed, but the idiot only laughed.

"No, no, nothing like that," Merlin said, his smile warm like the sun. "It's just that --" his smile faltered "-- er, I may have unleashed a fairly strong love potion on, er, you know, the castle?"

"What?" said Arthur, and it was really remarkable how many times he had to use that word when Merlin was involved. "Why?"

"It wasn't on purpose! I just -- fell.""
merlin  merlin:merlin/arthur  adelagia  canon-based  firsttime  futurefic  humor  love-spell  pining  aww  NC-17  length:10-15k  saved:mobi  favorite 
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Backfire - oxoniensis

""Um, Arthur?" Merlin says, and awkwardly extricates himself from the hug.

"I'm sorry. I suppose you don't like to be hugged that much, especially by me. You probably don't even like me that much." Arthur looks incredibly sad at that idea.

"Oh, no, it's, um, fine. Hugs are good, yes. Hugging, um. And I do like you."

"You do?" Arthur asks, and his face lights up in pleasurable anticipation.

Merlin wonders if the wisest answer would be no, but that would be a lie, and he rather thinks Arthur might cry or something equally awful. "Yes," he says, and then he's smashed up against Arthur's chest in another hug.

"I'm so glad," Arthur says. "Morgana said you liked me, but I wasn't sure."


"Yes, I asked her."


Merlin manages to get out with only two more hugs to interrupt his work. And then spends the night trying to work out what's happened."
merlin  merlin:merlin/arthur  oxoniensis  canon-based  firsttime  humor  pining  truth-serum  love-spell  NC-17  length:5-10k  saved:mobi  favorite 
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Down Among the Saints - sevenfists
""An incubus?" Merlin squeaked. "So then I'm—so that makes me—"

"A cambion, yes," Gaius said. "I believe that you've been—unconsciously, of course—coercing people into lying with you."

"Coercing? You mean I've been," and Merlin swallowed hard, and he'd known it already, but it was somehow worse to hear Gaius confirm it. "You mean I have been forcing them them—none of them wanted it, it was just me, it was my magic." His stomach roiled. He had never been less proud of himself—never so disgusted by what he could do."
merlin  merlin:merlin/arthur  merlin:merlin/ofc  merlin:merlin/omc  sevenfists  canon-based  firsttime  humor  love-spell  NC-17  length:5-10k  saved:htm 
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Arthur and the Lust Potion - ionaonie
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"‘I was talking about you,’ explained Merlin. ‘You’re only saying that because of the potion.’

Arthur shook his head, his hair tickling Merlin’s neck. ‘No, I’m not. I mean it. I’m only saying it aloud because of the potion.’

‘So, you’re agreeing that a potion is involved?’ If he could make Arthur see this wasn’t really him, then perhaps it would be easier to get through the night."
merlin  merlin:merlin/arthur  ionaonie  canon-based  firsttime  sexpollen  love-spell  aww  ngh  R  length:5-10k  saved:mobi 
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Firsts - elandrialore
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"The first time Merlin kissed Arthur it was an accident.

Well, accident in the sense that someone spiked the wine with something that made everyone think that the next person they saw was his one true love, and Merlin kissed Arthur in the sense that he was the next person Arthur saw and Arthur kissed him."
merlin  merlin:merlin/arthur  elandrialore  canon-based  firsttime  aww  five-times  love-spell  truth-serum  hypothermia  G  length:<1k  saved:mobi  favorite 
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