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Louisiana routinely jails people weeks, months, years after their release dates | NOLA.com
"Louisiana’s prison system and local jails, including the Orleans Justice Center, routinely keep people locked up for weeks, months, some even years, after they are supposed to be released, according to a 2017 state auditor’s report, defense attorneys and former inmates.

Hundreds, and possibly thousands of people, have been affected. Every week over the last decade, prison staff found at least one person who had been kept in jail or prison longer than their sentence required, court records show. One state inmate was imprisoned 960 days, almost three years, past his official release date."
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Baton Rouge’s Water Campus Attracts Researchers from Around the World - Area Development
It is hoped that for firms with an interest in the water sector, the Water Campus will be a magnet for innovation and private-sector investment.
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RT : This week, had announced that the state of has finalized the purchase of a sugar farm near Hou…
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