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The Boy Who Lived: what for?
Little is known about Harry Potter. He defeated the Dark Lord when he was one, but we don’t know how, or if he suffered from it. Despite this and his upbringing, he might still be the wizarding world's last chance. Do they deserve it?;;; SPOILERS: description is misleading - Harry lost his magic with Tom's original destruction. He is abused to the extreme and never went to school. He makes it to Hogwarts by following little Ginny to the train. The hat reveals the problem and he is left to wander off alone as a muggle. He becomes a goat herder and convenes with nature. 10 years later, Ginny and Remus find him and he stabs his scar, ending Tom and his DEs. Really dark compelling story.
fandom:HP  harry/ginny  war_era  Rated:PG-13  angst  Louis_IX  5K-10K  Abused!Harry 
september 2017 by trd9091
Mastermind Hunting
This is a story of the life of Harry Potter. From his disappearance with his friendly relatives to Dumbledore chasing after him around the world, while Voldemort and muggle secret services loom in the background. Technology, Prophecies... one word: power.;;; SPOILERS: Truly an epic story that aligns with real world events and dates. The Dursley's are good, Harry learns to utilize his power at an early age, and many adventures result. Overpowered Harry faces many foes, and Tom is equally overpowered. Last chapter is worth skipping, but otherwise- Awesome story.
fandom:HP  harry/tracey  multi_chapter  war_era  Rated:R  Powerful!harry  Epic  >100K  >500K  Louis_IX    independent!Harry 
september 2017 by trd9091

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>100k  >500k  5k-10k  abused!harry  angst  epic  fandom:hp  harry/ginny  harry/tracey  independent!harry  multi_chapter  powerful!harry  rated:pg-13  rated:r  war_era   

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