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Check out “How Sprinklr Works” from Sprinklr on Vimeo
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24 days ago by jamrock
Mod The Sims - Starter/Student home - no CC
This little house is perfect for a starter, but I built it for my University Hood. It is small, and since I find it hard to play tiny lots, there is a quite essential outhouse at the back and enough space outside.
-might be useful for uni?
sims2  lots  houses  tobegot 
6 weeks ago by timberwolfoz
frisbud's Mashuga House
Part of my Sims1 conversion series. The Mashuga family and their house were introduced in the Sims1 expansion pack Livin Large. They lived at 6 Sim Lane in Neighborhood 2.
-To be got from the booty when it's up.
sims2  lots  houses  tobegtot 
6 weeks ago by timberwolfoz
2012.08 - Aspirations!
Our family had a summer week at the beach every year, a rental cottage on the North Carolina coast. A house full of cousins and a porch full of white rocking chairs facing the waves. Sand in your swimsuit, sand in your ears, sand in your bed! The cottages there are all on these stilts (against flood and hurricane damage), and I've tried to build them for my sims more than once but this is the closest I've gotten.
It's a 2x2 residential furnished lot costing 58,611 with minimal custom content and built with all eps and sps. Three bedrooms, two baths, plus room to grow. The side yard is empty for all those sculptures "costing at least 500 simoleans" or digging for treasure.
n.b.not on a beach lot.
sims2  lots  houses  vacation  tobegot 
6 weeks ago by timberwolfoz
Mod The Sims - Lakeshore Street 48.
I think it's a perfect house for the small family. I think I did well, it seems that I have invested more time in it. What do you think?
- good starter for Alex Beau and Lucy - if they move to Pleasantview and don't want kids straight off!
sims2  lots  houses  tobegot 
6 weeks ago by timberwolfoz
Mod The Sims - 20 Magnolia Way - No CC Home 4BD 3.5BA
A one story home designed for a multi-generational family.

The entry opens onto a large central family room with fireplace, TV, stereo, piano for entertaining. The office includes a computer, chess board, bookshelves for skill building. The galley kitchen opens onto patio, and the dining room seats 6.

Two children's bedrooms are decorated for a teen and a child with a shared bathroom, and an in-law suite decorated for grandparents, with its own en suite bathroom and plenty of family pictures.

The master suite opens onto the patio and includes a large master bathroom, as well as a walk-in closet.

Out front is parking for a single car, and the back patio includes a pool and a grill for outdoor cookouts.
- one for a legacy or poly family.
sims2  lots  houses  legacy  tobegot 
7 weeks ago by timberwolfoz
Mod The Sims - 6 Tightwad Street - No CC Home!
I wanted to see if I could go cheaper with the homes - I mean cheap! What's cheaper than living on Frugal Lane? Yup, Tightwad Street , where the homes are 10k or less. Here we have meager living, but hopefully a bit stylish as well. Furnished with the necessities, you can use these homes for your straight out of CAS Sims, or perhaps a spouse/relative that was kicked out and needs to find cheap living. With any money left over, upgrades will be easy to do right away and there is land already plotted out for that future driveway install!
-might be one to consider for the muso couple from Academie Le Tour?
sims2  lots  houses  tobegot 
7 weeks ago by timberwolfoz
Mod The Sims - Our Readers Favorite Home - No CC!
I happened upon this floor plan some time ago while browsing Google, as one does in their spare time (not just me, right?). The house features 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, a large kitchen with workspace, two outdoor decks, huge master suite, and lots of landscaping.
- one for lucy beau and alex if they move back to pleasantview?
sims2  lots  houses  tobegot 
7 weeks ago by timberwolfoz
Mod The Sims - Container Stack - CC-free
This house, the Container Stack, was designed for Phaenoh's variant of the Apocalypse Challenge, which is less strict about building design, and more about storytelling and realism. For those wanting a little more living space, and willing to forego having a car, this house is built of recycled shipping containers for a modern apocalyptic look.
-maybe for the tatty area of Simcity?
sims2  lots  houses  downtown  simcity 
7 weeks ago by timberwolfoz
Mod The Sims - 1097 West Fansee Factory - No CC
Originally built for the MoreAwesomeThanYou January 'EAxis House of Phail' contest, 1097 West Fansee Factory is a complete overhaul of a Maxis lot - 1097 West Dreaming Drive, situated in Desiderata Valley. The rules of the contest were seemingly simple - no moving external walls, and no deleting or moving the curved, terrain-painted path, and no CC whatsoever. All much easier said than done, as I found when working on this house!
- a good one for downtown/Simcity.
sims2  lots  houses  downtown  simcity  tobegot 
8 weeks ago by timberwolfoz
The Llama Park | 500 Followers Gift I’ve finally reached the 500...
a new house named Miramar, which has no CC!
- to be got for Kaylynne and Cass if the container house is a dud.
sims2  lots  houses  tobegot 
8 weeks ago by timberwolfoz
Mod The Sims - -Redneck Mansion- Includes New Meshes!
ach little trailer is decorated in its own unique color theme and I tried to keep CC to a minimum using only what was absolutely necessary (even still, the list is long). The numbers in the pictures correspond with the floor plan photo so you can see where each trailer is on the lot. (Numbers were given roughly based on location and level.)

To make this lot uber perfect, I needed to create a few objects that I just couldn't find anywhere else. There are 6 new objects (included in the lot but also downloadable separately) for you to play with.
lots  houses  tobegot  sims2 
8 weeks ago by timberwolfoz
Mod The Sims - Base Game Maxis - 195 Main Street
195 Main Street (or Darren and Dirk Dreamer's house) was the first home I decided to tackle. Sure, I've made over this house before with all EPs, but I still thought it would be nice to share this basegame version too for those who don't have them all.
sims2  lots  houses  makeovers  dreamer 
8 weeks ago by timberwolfoz
Mod The Sims - Foundation Challenge: DDEclectic
I don't know what I was going for originally, but once I found the M&G coloured brick and started blocking out colours on the outside, I knew I had my lot. Eclectic doesn't even begin to cover it - with a dark fuchsia, bright yellow, and mellow cyan exterior, and every colour of the rainbow coloured inside, this lot is definitely not for everyone's taste!

I've decorated it with a family of artists in mind - people who enjoy funky, mismatched, weird stuff in bright colours and a myriad of designs. There's paint splatters here and there, and tons of activities for creatively-minded sims to be found on every floor.
sims2  lots  houses  tobegot 
8 weeks ago by timberwolfoz
Mod The Sims - Modern Small House
So this little house was inspired by a new house in my town. The building plans was given up to show future buyers how it was going to be, so I took my chance to try to build something alike in Sims!
-another possible for Kaylynn and Cass?
sims2  lots  houses  tobegot 
11 weeks ago by timberwolfoz

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