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Plan B by drenagon
"Plan B: an alternative strategy; a contingency plan, devised for an outcome other than the expected plan.

Or, sending an unqualified temp to act as Thorin Oakenshield's PA because no one qualified can put up with him.

(He'd say they can't meet his standards. Of course he would.)

Meet Bilbo Baggins. He just became Plan B."
fandom:lotr  fandom:thehobbit  lotr:au  thehobbit:au  bilbo/thorin  unread 
11 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Little Harry and the Mirkwood adventure by azraeos
"Seven year old Harry Potter, along with an unexpected someone, falls into Mirkwood Forest just as Bilbo and the dwarves defeat the spiders."

this is lovely
updated 2013
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:lotr  fandom:thehobbit  crossover  harrypotter:au  lotr:au  thehobbit:au  genfic  wip  recommended  abandoned 
12 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
The fellowship of the Evenstar by jacobapples / meriadek
"What if Arwen 'saw' the future and when she wakes in Rivendell the day after her wedding? What if she seeks out Aragorn well before the soldiers of the enemy are at full strength? What if the Fellowship of the Ring had been a secret, what if the Eye of Sauron overlooked them? What if the Fellowship never broke? Arwen is out to change the stars."

updated 7/3/19
fandom:lotr  author:jacobapples  lotr:au  genfic  aragorn/arwen  wip  unread 
24 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
The voice of the mountain by fascinationex
"It is known, but not much mentioned in polite company, that Belladonna’s only child is not Bungo’s."

ooh how intriguing
Bilbo Frerin Baggins
updated 7/9/19
fandom:lotr  fandom:thehobbit  lotr:au  thehobbit:au  genfic  wip 
7 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
Master of wood, water and hill by karmic acumen
"Bilbo Baggins wondered what Gandalf was thinking. Oh well, Bag End would sort him out. His house did NOT approve of vandalism, thank you very much. That rune carved into his door learned it personally. Besides, it served the wizard right for not heeding the rumors about Bilbo and the Old Forest."

really interesting concept
updated 1/2/18
fandom:lotr  fandom:thehobbit  lotr:au  thehobbit:au  genfic  wip  unread 
10 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
The elvenqueen by pristineungift
"One person can make a difference: sometimes large, sometimes small. This is the story of a young witch who died under mysterious circumstances and woke up in a completely different world - a world she would change just by existing. Follow the journey of Hermione Granger as she walks the path to becoming Hermione Thranduiliel, the Elvenqueen."
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:lotr  fandom:thehobbit  author:pristineungift  crossover  fusion  harrypotter:au  lotr:au  thehobbit:au  hermione/legolas  aragorn/arwen  recommended 
january 2019 by Laria_Gwyn
Incendio by savya398
"Smaug lost his son to orcs years before taking Erebor. In another world Harry Potter is experiencing some strange changes while attempting to compete in the Tri-Wizard Tournament. But how could the two possibly be related?"

Ancal, son of Smaug and Ancia, grandson of Ancalagon
sounds so cracky but works surprisingly well
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:lotr  fandom:thehobbit  crossover  fusion  harrypotter:au  lotr:au  thehobbit:au  genfic  recommended  favorite 
january 2019 by Laria_Gwyn
Sons of a Took by sifshadowheart
"In the in-between Harry climbed onto the feathered back of Thorondor, King of Eagles.

In the Shire, Hadley Baggins, younger fauntling of Belladonna Took and Bungo Baggins was born."

updated 3/11/19
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:lotr  fandom:thehobbit  author:sifshadowheart  crossover  fusion  harrypotter:au  lotr:au  thehobbit:au  genfic  fili/harry/kili  bilbo/thorin  wip 
january 2019 by Laria_Gwyn
when the sun sets (and the moon has just begun to rise) by fallingfireflies
"The one grateful thought that he threw to the sky was that he was not surrounded by trees. Truly, Harry was used to waking up in enchanted and lonesome forests and while he could surely survive in one again, the wide-open, grassy plain was a sight for sore eyes.
The untamed magic and general feel of a land unknown to him were far outweighing any relief he could find, however.
Because of course Harry Potter, the boy who had never stuck between the lines of “physics” and “magic,” would again defy the rules and end up very, very far from Hogwarts – the place where he should have been at the moment. Appearing in a world with nothing but the clothes on his back and the wand in his holster for protection was very unfortunate indeed, and it was only the mind-numbing shock Harry was in at the current moment that saved the grass in a small radius from him from an explosive destruction.
“What,” he said, “is this.”
The one where Harry finds himself in Middle-Earth and goes with Bilbo on his quest, making attachments and saving a few lives along the way. But don't be fooled: Fawkes is the real hero of this story. This is basically an "EVERYTHING IS BETTER WITH FAWKES" story. I'm a big fan of his."
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:lotr  fandom:thehobbit  crossover  harrypotter:au  lotr:au  thehobbit:au  harry/thranduil  kili/tauriel  unread 
december 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
Rávamë’s Bane trilogy series by realitywarp
"Every Tolkien fan has a “Tenth Walker” in them — but Eleanor Dace hasn’t read a word of Tolkien since she was thirteen and was still fantasising about adventuring in other worlds.

Now she’s twenty-two, a third year English Literature student about to graduate from college; when she discovers that her teenage fantasy just got a bit too realistic for her liking. Now she’s trapped in Arda, a world she has little idea how to survive in, trying to recover a missing set of memories that might help get her home. Or they might just make things go from merely life-threateningly bad; to apocalyptically worse.

With little more than her hazy recall of the Lord of the Rings trilogy to draw on (and a sarcastic second personality giving cryptic advice in her head) Eleanor begins to realise that there is something sinister going on in Middle Earth, besides the return of the One Ring. Something more than just mere coincidence brought her here, and only remembering what it is will get her home again.

Oh, and in case things weren't complicated enough already — her ears just got a whole lot more pointy."

updated 1/4/19
fandom:lotr  lotr:au  genfic  legolas/ofc  oc/si  wip  unread 
december 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
Of power by tirith
"Harry Potter, now affectionately named Mad Baggins the Second, has no idea that there is, in fact, a lot of history he could accidentally muck up in Middle Earth.
Not that this stops him from doing so."

Harry = Frodo; i like this a lot so far
updated 1/5/19
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:lotr  crossover  fusion  harrypotter:au  lotr:au  genfic  multi  wip 
november 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
A fate touched in Middle Earth by vimesenthusiast
"Following a disastrous battle in the Death Chamber, a grief-stricken and berserk Harry tackles Voldemort into the Veil of Death. After a fight for his soul, the death dimension eventually spits him and Voldemort out into an unknown realm. There, after dispatching Voldemort for a final time, Harry finds himself meeting Thorin Oakenshield. How... interesting."

updated 7/1/18
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:lotr  fandom:thehobbit  crossover  fusion  harrypotter:au  lotr:au  thehobbit:au  genfic  eowyn/harry  wip  recommended 
november 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
and sing a tune without a word by burning_nightingale
" Ónen i-Estel Edain; ú-Chebin Estel Anim

At Amon Hen, Boromir lives.

Boromir through the War of the Ring, and afterward; and the rebirth of hope in the land of Gondor."
fandom:lotr  lotr:au  genfic  unread 
june 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
Death is lighter than a feather by haindar
"Eternal Wanderer, Lonely Traveler, Chained Sage, and Master of Death. He was known by these and many more names in several worlds, though he found no solace in any name or world. Hallowed in blood, forged in war and baptised in loss, Harry Potter has run far away from the world that birthed him. He traces a path through infinity, intent on reclaiming that which was lost."

not what i was expecting; interesting concept; snarky sentient artifacts and immortality
actually quite dark interspersed with light humor; an eons-old Harry searches for his beloved wife Luna among countless worlds through the ages
updated 11/17/18
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:lotr  crossover  harrypotter:au  lotr:au  genfic  wip 
june 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
The roots of the ivy: extended edition by aranel took
"The story of Ivy Brandybuck, daughter of Merry and Éowyn. An Alternate Universe story. "

last updated 2006
fandom:lotr  lotr:au  eowyn/merry  wip  unread  abandoned 
may 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
Silence and the soul by sifshadowheart
"Grieving and alone, Harry had an unexpected visitor - with a most unexpected offer."

updated 4/27/18
retconned into another fic, Broken Blade
this fic started w/lotr, retconned fic starts w/the hobbit
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:lotr  crossover  harrypotter:au  lotr:au  genfic  wip  author:sifshadowheart  abandoned 
april 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
nauva i nauva by itsybitsyasterisk
"It’s a memory he’s drawing upon, one of those many he can’t quite grasp, can’t really guess where they’re from because they’re not from this life. He has never seen a dragon before and yet the picture in his mind is vivid. It is as effortless as everything else to want, turning the small feathery wings huge and leathery, carrying the heavy body, propelling it forward faster and faster until he’s shooting through the sky.

Harry Potter died. Tiarn was born. Across worlds, magic translates in funny ways. But the saving-people-thing, that remains."
fandom:lotr  fandom:thehobbit  fandom:harrypotter  crossover  fusion  lotr:au  thehobbit:au  harrypotter:au  genfic 
march 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
Where the sleeper waits by sin maxwell and co / sinclairmaxwell
"A strange child rides with the Nazgul. Valo is taken under the care of Aragorn as the journey begins but he holds many secrets. Why does Sauron want his precious "Key" back so badly? Can Legolas get passed his hatred for the Morgul child?"

fandom:lotr  fandom:harrypotter  crossover  lotr:au  harrypotter:au  harry/legolas  unread 
march 2018 by Laria_Gwyn

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