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And What Happened After
“My dear Mr. Baggins, you cannot possibly imagine I have brought you across the boundaries of the sundered world, bending every law of gods and men, over land and over sea and through the fathomless heights, for your health? Well, I did, of course I did, and I’d do it again. But it was not for your own good only that I brought you here. I have been on this world a very long time, Mr. Baggins, and if there is one thing that I have learned about the Wise and the Great, it’s that they benefit from the company of hobbits, and it’s the wisest and greatest who have most need of them.”
fic  future.fic  fix-it  lord.of.the.rings  frodo.baggins  bilbo.baggins  gandalf  silmarillion 
june 2019 by Beatrice_Otter
A Road Bright and Swift
Gimli, freshly-wakened, was lying with his head propped on one hand, his blanket at his waist. And he said, his voice morning-hoarse, "If my memory doesn't fail me, we'll be reaching the River Limlight soon. I'd dearly love a wash."

Legolas's heart seized and tightened. The Limlight was in the very north of the forest, and once across it, they would emerge from their easy wandering, cracking out of the chrysalis to the pain of the open air. No more Fangorn, no more careless peace, no more Gimli at dawn stretching his muscles limber and grumbling about the wear of a bootsole.

And all the future losses lined themselves up.
fic  post.canon  lord.of.the.rings  gimli  legolas  slash 
may 2019 by Beatrice_Otter
The sequel to Discretion. The end of the relationship. Or, what politics do to strange bedfellows.
fic  lord.of.the.rings  boromir  denethor  slash  angst 
september 2018 by Beatrice_Otter
Boromir travels to Dol Amroth one Yule to seek tutoring in a very important subject from his former Armsmaster Andrahar.
fic  lord.of.the.rings  boromir  slash 
september 2018 by Beatrice_Otter
I Was an Atheist Until I Read “The Lord of the Rings”
Interesting that recognizing the beauty and goodness in nature, like the sunset, was part of the tip off that there should be more than the atheist view.
catholic  Lord.of.the.Rings  truth  beauty  good 
september 2018 by mpcasey
Hobbit - (Thorin/Bilbo) -- They Call Kids Like Us Vicious {by Lapin}
Some part of Bilbo thinks he shouldn't, thinks that this is like running out his door that morning. He won't be able to turn back once he starts, never mind what gets left behind.

But he stays.
Lord.of.the.Rings  fic 
august 2018 by daisydiversions
Wishful Thinking
Was it, in fact, conceivable that his wishes were being granted? The idea was bizarre beyond belief, but Frodo decided, somewhat sheepishly, to put it to the test.

I wish, he thought, that Pippin would get an itch on his nose and scratch it. To Frodo's astonishment, because he honestly didn't expect it to work, Pippin immediately scrunched up his face and rubbed vigorously at the tip of his pointy nose.
fic  lord.of.the.rings  sam/frodo 
june 2018 by allieyy
Seducing Sam Series
Sam is a servant in the employ of the Sackville-Bagginses. Frodo sets out to seduce him- but who is seducing whom?
fic  au  lord.of.the.rings  sam/frodo  series 
june 2018 by allieyy
Numberless the ways, and imperceptible.
"The conceptualization of emotion feeling as a phase of a neurobiological process is congruent with the idea that emotions can be sensed and registered in phenomenal consciousness and at low levels of awareness without being perceived."

Izard, Carroll E. "Emotion theory and research: Highlights, unanswered questions, and emerging issues." Annual review of psychology 60 (2009): 1-25.
fic  slash  lord.of.the.rings  gimli  legolas  post.canon 
february 2018 by Beatrice_Otter
Where Wilder Hearts Roam, by eveninglottie
Het. "Of all the names Bella Baggins ever held over the course of her long life, of those given to her by the various noble peoples of Middle-earth, or the ones she herself took up for one reason or another, most being altogether too bold for any self-respecting hobbit to claim, her first and favorite was Bright Eyes."
The.Hobbit  Lord.of.the.Rings  Genre.Het  Rated.R  Rule.63  Bilbo.Baggins  Gandalf  Belladonna.Took.Baggins  Bungo.Baggins  Thorin.Oakenshield  Dwalin  Balin  Fíli  Kíli  Dori  Nori  Ori  Glóin  Óin  Bifur  Bofur  Bombur  Elrond  Arwen.Undómiel  Galadriel  Gollum  Beorn  Gwaihir  Legolas  Tauriel  Thranduil  Bard  Sigrid  Bain  Tilda  Smaug  Sauron  Bilbo.Baggins/Thorin.Oakenshield  200000-249999.words 
february 2018 by settiai
we who are forever
There is an elf who has lived in Aglarond for nigh on five hundred years before Grilka's birth. He stays always near the inner caverns and the halls of dead dwarf-lords, and the younger dwarrows know him for his songs and sad stories, his queer habit of walking the caverns in twilit sleep and speaking to the ferns that grow by the inner ponds.

Grilka likes talking to the elf, despite his grief. Somehow it feels like talking to an old friend.
fic  au  lord.of.the.rings  gimli  legolas 
january 2018 by Beatrice_Otter
Hope Prevails, by eyeus
Slash. "You are a warrior," says Aragorn. "Of Gondor." His hand closes tight over Boromir's shoulder, as if lending Boromir his strength, tethering him to life. "Is there one for whom you fight? A lady-love?"

In his agony from the Uruk's wounds, Boromir's answer is entirely too honest. "A brother," he gasps. "I have a brother." In arms, in blood, and in bond.

"Then think of him, and live," Aragorn commands. "He will look for your coming from the White Tower, and you will return home to him."
Lord.of.the.Rings  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Boromir  Aragorn  Legolas  Gimli  Faramir  Samwise.Gamgee  Frodo.Baggins  Gollum  Denethor  Gandalf  Peregrin.'Pippin'.Took  Éomer  Meriadoc.'Merry'.Brandybuck  Éowyn  Boromir/Faramir  75000-79999.words 
october 2017 by settiai
Thranduil tells Aragorn a story.
fic  lord.of.the.rings  aragorn/legolas 
july 2017 by allieyy
Apples - 20thcenturyvole [Archive of Our Own]
It seemed to Shadowfax that the only constants in his life were swords and apples.
death[discworld]  shadowfax  lord.of.the.rings  discworld  crossover  gen 
june 2017 by theladyscribe
Wherein the Stars Tremble
Lord of the Rings AU. When Grantaire was selected to go to Rivendell, he wasn't expecting much. He certainly wasn't expecting to meet a gorgeous blond Elf named Enjolras.
fic  au  les.mis  enjolras/grantaire  crossover  lord.of.the.rings  series 
march 2017 by allieyy
Comes Around Again, by scarletjedi
Het and slash. "Gimli closes his eyes, an old Dwarf on the brink of death in the home he had built with his husband in the Undying Lands, and opens them again as a young Dwarf in his childhood home in Ered Luin. He's returned to the tumultuous week before The Company set out to recruit their Burglar from his cosy hobbit hole. Gimli, once again a impetuous teen in the eyes of his family, must get into that Company--the lives of his loved ones, and the very fate of Middle Earth--depends on it."
The.Hobbit  Lord.of.the.Rings  Genre.Slash  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Gimli  Glóin  Óin  Balin  Kíli  Fíli  Thorin.Oakenshield  Bifur  Dís  Bilbo.Baggins  Dwalin  Dori  Ori  Nori  Bombur  Bofur  Gandalf  Radagast  Tauriel  Thranduil  Legolas  Lindir  Elrond  Aragorn  Glorfindel  Galadriel  Saruman  Azog  Beorn  Bard  Master.of.Lake-town  Alfrid.Lickspittle  Sigrid  Bain  Tilda  Smaug  Dáin.Ironfoot  Gimli/Legolas  Bilbo.Baggins/Thorin.Oakenshield  Kíli/Tauriel  200000-249999.words 
november 2016 by settiai

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