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Dave Akerman | Dave’s World
Dave puts electronics into space with weather balloons and chases down the payload when it pops. Great blog posts demonstrating homing/tracking, long-distance comms, star trek inspired interfaces, great stuff!
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4 hours ago by Tknvbe
Presenting one of our favorite everyday solutions powered by and made by The smart mouse an…
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9 days ago by jasiek
LPWAN Server, open-source LPWAN Provisioning and Management network-server
The LPWAN Server sits above a set of LPWANs that may employ differing LPWAN technologies and may be owned by one or more LPWAN operators. The LPWAN Server provides a unified interface across LPWAN technologies and/or operators as a single interface to Low Power WAN (LPWAN) application vendors.

The LPWAN Server Architecture Overview
12 days ago by euler
LoRa Server, open-source LoRaWAN network-server
The LoRa Server project provides open-source components for building LoRaWAN networks. Together they form a ready-to-use solution, including an user-friendly web-interface and gRPC and REST APIs. Components can also be swapped out for customization or when integrating LoRa Server into existing infrastructures. All components are licensed under the MIT license and can be used for commercial purposes.

12 days ago by euler
OpenChirp is currently powering a LoRaWAN Network at Carnegie Mellon University that also spans large portions of the City of Pittsburgh
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12 days ago by WIZARDISHUNGRY
RFM95 layer for the M5Stack prototyping platform
This is a LoRaWAN node based on the great M5Stack development platform. It uses a RFM95 by HopeRF and the standard LMIC stack. The sample code is configured to connect to The Things Network using EU frequency, but you can easily change that.
github  embedded  arduino  m5stack  lora  lorawan 
16 days ago by cyberchucktx
The LoraWan Pager
An open telecommunicator device, independant from SIM CARDS and Telecom providers. On BT,868, 430 and 905 Mhz + ESP32. I wanted a LORA/MESH small tool to communicate besides SIM CARD controlled networks. Something really free and capable of helping people in emergency situation or just helping people to communicated freely. What was only a single device creation challenge became a creation of a collection of 5 different communicators around the same concept.
lorawan  wireless  pager  hackaday 
28 days ago by cyberchucktx
Info on IoT security issues. "Security for the Internet of Radios. Bastille is the first company to enable enterprise security teams to assess and mitigate the risk associated with the growing Internet of Radios. Bastille’s patented software and security sensors bring visibility to devices emitting radio signals (Wi-Fi, cellular, wireless dongles and other IoT communications) in your organization’s airspace."
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28 days ago by amoore
Blue Maestro participates in Things Connected Innovation Programme - Blue Maestro
Blue Maestro was selected to participate in the Digital Catapult’s Things Connected Innovation Programme run during October and November 2017 in London. This was an opportunity for 12 leading companies in the IoT space work with challenge providers in solving particular problems in social housing and assisted living with a focus on LoRaWAN technology.

With LoRaWAN becoming a rapidly growing open source Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) radio technology that operates in the license free spectrum specifically designed to integrate small wireless battery operated devices on a regional, national or global basis, the Digital Catapult sought to agitate around the technology by involving some of the UK’s leading IoT companies in an intensive 8 week course looking at how the technology can be used to solve issues in social housing and assisted living.
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7 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Sneak preview of the awesome heatmap of the venue temperature
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9 weeks ago by aarontay
RT : LoRa Alliance Releases LoRaWAN 1.0.3 Specification.

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10 weeks ago by 9600
RT : China’s Tencent Joins LoRa Alliance, Plans Shenzhen LoRaWAN Launch.

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10 weeks ago by 9600

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