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Get Your Shit Together – What Matters Most. Because hoping for the best is not a plan
Writing and advice by Chanel Reynolds, Co-Founder of GYST.com and Founder of Get Your Shit Together, the website where it all got started in 2013 with basic checklists and must do to-dos to get your will, living will, insurance, money and important shit done!
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february 2019 by bradbarrish
The Mind-Body Problem - The Book of LifeThe Book of Life
The best we can do to overcome the mind-body problem is not to fiddle with our clothes, invest in hairdressers or endanger our health with plastic surgery. We will never be able properly to align mind and body by outward sculpting. The solution is to recognise that the problem is an existential part of being human and therefore to strive always to remember, in spite of all the visual evidence, and in a spirit of love, that the bodies of others are very separate from the character of their minds
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february 2019 by emmacarlson

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