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Inside the Crypto World's Biggest Scandal | WIRED
One couple thought they held the secret to building a new decentralized utopia. On the way, they plunged into a new kind of hell. A crypto-tragedy in three acts.
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yesterday by vloux
The Machine Fired Me
When computers handle big life altering decisions in a company, there needs to be an override for humans to take over. Otherwise, well, they fire employees.
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2 days ago by leitmedium
Celebrating a Second Independence Day: A Juneteenth Reading List
June 19, also known as Juneteenth, marks the day when, more than two years after the Emancipation Proclamation was enacted, slaves in Texas were informed of their freedom. As the National Museum of African-American History and Culture notes in a Tumblr post, it could — and arguably should — be celebrated as a “second independence day.” But as the museum writes, “Though it has long been celebrated among the African American community it is a history that has been marginalized and still remains largely unknown to the wider public.”
3 days ago by rosscatrow
FIU had grand plans for 'signature' bridge. But the design had a key mistake, experts say
The single row of support struts, meanwhile, is precisely the kind of "non-redundant" design T.Y. Lin's specs sought to avoid. On the FIU bridge, the failure of a single strut could — and in fact, did — cause the entire span to fall because there was no backup support for it, the outside engineers say.

"It's only as strong as its weakest link," said Howell, the Texas-based bridge engineering expert who reviewed FIGG's calculations for the Herald.

Making things even more complicated was a decision to mimic the look, but not the function, of a cable-stayed bridge, Beck and Howell said. FIGG, which has said publicly the bridge is a truss design and not cable stayed, added a central pylon with mostly decorative steel pipes, instead of cables, connected to the bridge's canopy. FIGG said the pipes would help dampen vibrations from wind and people walking across.
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7 days ago by rosscatrow
The e-scooters are good, let’s cap the number of cars instead Santa Monica.
The likely effect of the proposed policy cap would also do more to make the services functionally inconvenient to Santa Monica residents than it would slow the flow of significant numbers of micro-rental e-scooters into the city. That is assuming that they continue in Venice & elsewhere in the Westside without the proposed city of L.A. policy cap that is opposed by Los Angeles Council Member Mike Bonin representing our adjacent neighborhoods. The proposed cap in combination with limits on providers would mean the scooters would not be as widely distributed to points spread across Santa Monica, but would end up focused only where each scooter could get the highest daily trips in only the busiest areas, making for a more lopsided system favoring visitors to the city at the expense of resident accessibility in many areas outside the downtown core.
8 days ago by rosscatrow
The Menace and the Promise of Autonomous Vehicles
That Uber’s AV didn’t see Herzberg, a homeless woman, as a human being makes a kind of perverse sense, since AVs—especially robo-taxis—weren’t made for people like her. Neither were the sprawling cities like Tempe where these cars are being tested. Besides their inviting regulatory environments, these areas were chosen because of their open road systems, good weather, and few cyclists and pedestrians. At a time when urbanists are preaching multi-modal mobility, from bikes to buses, AVs are a kind of throwback, making streets less accommodating to anyone on foot; by increasing the number of cars—particularly passenger-free delivery vehicles—they tend to worsen traffic and pollution. And even if the auto industry could develop an impossibly perfect algorithm for safety, widespread AV adoption would require massive road infrastructure upgrades to fix lane lines and embed communication beacons; faulty GPS systems, outdated maps, surveillance and privacy challenges, cybersecurity flaws, bandwidth limits, and expensive hardware would all be vexing.
10 days ago by rosscatrow
Downtown Nashville Is Supposed to Be the Model of the Walkable 21st-Century City. I’m Not So Sure.
Yet many longtime Nashvillians watch the celebrations from the sidelines, which keep getting moved farther back. “The influx of jobs means an influx of people with high incomes, coming to a state that’s relatively cheap,” says The Tennesseean’s editorial writer David Plazas, who spent a year documenting the disorienting and sometimes traumatic effects of the boom. “We have to ask ourselves a question,” says Paulette Coleman, an affordable housing advocate: “In our efforts to grow and improve, do we address the people of Nashville of all economic levels?” So far, the answer is no. The city is constantly playing catch-up, waiting until affordable housing shortages, inadequate transit, and financial inequities reach crisis levels before addressing them with half-baked measures. The emergence of affluent sort-of walkable areas is pushing African-Americans and immigrants into far-flung areas like Goodlettsville, lengthening their commutes and creating more congestion on the roads. Density is making the city more, not less, car-dependent.
14 days ago by rosscatrow
Why Everyone Loves Macaroni and Cheese
We awarded the win to a chef who made mac and cheese with an aged Vermont cheddar. The audience, however, chose another contestant. When he arrived at the winner’s circle, he made a stunning announcement: His main ingredient was Velveeta.

Amazement! Shock! Betrayal! The audience clutched their ironic canned beer but didn’t quite know how to react. Was it a hoax? A working-class prank against elitism in food? Was this contest somehow rigged by Kraft? In the end it turned out to just be a financial decision by the chef: In great American tradition, he bought the cheapest protein possible.
15 days ago by rosscatrow
The City of Coordinated Leisure
When the parrots of Burbank, California, started screaming before the sun rose, you knew it was gonna be a hot one. Today was Wednesday, and for three mornings in a row, the parrots had roosted in the giant Australian eucalyptus outside Arturo’s bedroom window, screaming the sun into the sky at 5:00 a.m., a flock of green Amazonian complainers voicing their discontent with the world and the foolish, blazing orb it insisted on orbiting.

It was only March, but Burbank was baking: Three days in a row it had hit 120 degrees by noon, and Roosevelt Elementary kept its kids indoors—even fifth-graders like Arturo. Blinds drawn, the teachers reminded you and reminded you to drink water and slather on sunscreen, squawking like parrots. Parents met their kids at the school gate with parasols and solar-powered mister fans filled with ice water that they spritzed themselves with while slow-walking home, not tempting sunstroke.

“Day three,” Arturo whispered, and bounded out of bed.
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16 days ago by rosscatrow
Recommendations for Reporting on Suicide
Suicide is a public health issue. Media and online coverage
of suicide should be informed by using best practices. Some suicide deaths may be newsworthy. However, the way media cover suicide can influence behavior negatively by contributing to contagion or positively by encouraging help-seeking.
17 days ago by rosscatrow

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