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3 Ways to Host a Skype Movie Party With Your Friends - wikiHow
“A Skype movie party is a great way to stay connected with friends or loved ones who you can’t see in-person. You’ll get to spend quality time together while enjoying a movie, making this a great way to keep in touch or celebrate special occasions over long distances. Create Skype accounts and set up a group call, then kick back with your favorite film. Don’t forget the popcorn!”
longdistance  friends  movies  sync  skype  2020 
26 days ago by handcoding
5 Ways to Watch Video With Your Long-Distance Friends – Review Geek
(Perhaps this could be fun for #StetDanceParty?)

“Plug.Dj is a unique service that lets you create a public or private room where you and other users take turns playing YouTube videos. It’s designed with music videos in mind, allowing you each to play as the temporary DJ for a room, voting on each other’s music and keeping the party going. However, you can play any video on YouTube, making it an easy way to watch anything together.”
stetdanceparty  sync  youtube  movies  longdistance  2020 
26 days ago by handcoding
Somebody needs to sign this guy to some type of cell phone plan endorsement
LongDistance  from twitter
july 2019 by wakemp
in the miles of memory
Sam sighs. “I just miss you,” he says. This is what happens when Sam has a few drinks during the season. He gets all weird and sentimental and homesick.


(five times jt and sammy make long distance work, and one time they don't have to.)
fic  rpf  hockey  jt/sam  slash  fivethings  longdistance  addandsubtract  2015  <005k  johntavares  samgagner 
april 2019 by wolfgrin
and they'll never tear us apart - Mizzy
Bitty's got a secret long distance boyfriend. It affects the Haus-mates, frogs, and said long-distance-(Canadian-hockey-robot)-boyfriend in different ways. [6,879 words]
checkplease!  jack/bitty  mizzy  secretrelationship  longdistance 
november 2018 by cunningplan
figures drawn to scale
Paid Research Opportunity: Romantic Couples Study

Unfortunately, Mikey’s real boyfriend lives hours away; fortunately, Mikey’s best friend is a great fake boyfriend.
fic  rpf  hockey  dylan/nate/mikey  nate/mikey  slash  threesome  au  firsttime  lottieanna  establishedrelationship  college  longdistance  fakedating  pining  2018  <030k  dylanstrome  mikeymcleod  natebastian 
november 2018 by wolfgrin
Draw Me A Map - Chapter 1 - fairy_tale_echo - The Social Network (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Hey, I'll write.

The thousands of miles, both literal and figurative, Mark and Eduardo travel and the countless postcards and letters they write over five years as they grow up and towards each other. How do you get yourself back to a place you haven't been yet?

"Don't you ever just want to go?"
10000-30000  social-network  mark/eduardo  longdistance  fanfiction  pining  angst  miscommunication 
june 2018 by blue6545

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