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Small Functions considered Harmful – Cindy Sridharan – Medium
— Shed light on some of the presumed benefits of small functions
— Explain why I personally think some of the benefits don’t really pan out as well as advertised
— Explain why small functions can…
programming  long  function  meaningful  advocacy 
7 days ago by gilberto5757
Prickly - softestpunk - Wiedźmin | The Witcher (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
“Geralt reached out and performed a sign to bring the fire back to life, and give himself enough light to see exactly what he was looking at.

A hedgehog?”
witcher  fic  emhyr/geralt  transformation  long  omgheart  from instapaper
12 days ago by inkjunket
Contract Princess - batneko - ワンパンマン | One-Punch Man [Archive of Our Own]
Genos lost his family years ago, and has been working as a mercenary while he searches for the one responsible. Now he's been hired by his own relatives to reclaim his place in the nobility and marry a prince... and kill him.
fic  id:batneko  f:OnePunchMan  slash  AU  AU:setting/career_change  AU:SciFi  a/b/o  marriage:arranged  getting-together  pining  explicit  mpreg  long  'ao3 
18 days ago by esther_a
Let Long Distance Sex Toys Improve Your Relationship!
"Lovense toys helped us bridge the gap in our relationship. This is not the easiest lifestyle to live.
Archive  long  distance  relationships  sex  toys 
20 days ago by odelano
Bitcoin Breaking News — Bitcoin is a good long term investment IMO....
Bitcoin is a good long term investment IMO. #bitcoin #hodl #bitcoinmining #bitcoinprice #bitcoiner #bitcointechnology #bitcoinvalue #bitcoinwallet #bitcoininvestment #bitcoininvestor #bitcoininfo #bitcoinguru #chicago #newyork #london #malta #losang…
Tumblr  News  Updates  is  a  good  long  term  investment  IMO.  bitcoin  hodl  bitcoinmining  bitcoinpric 
20 days ago by ohiobitcoin
playing on - Chapter 1 - flybbfly - All For The Game - Nora Sakavic [Archive of Our Own]
"Who knew California Golden Boy Jeremy Knox could play dirty?”

Jeremy grins. “Best kept secret on the west coast. Told you there was a western division striker who could dispossess you.”

“On a practice court, maybe," Jean says. "Try to get it away from me during a game.”

Jeremy leans back, bracing himself on gloved hands. “Luckily, I won't ever have to.”

In which Jean Moreau and Jeremy Knox play exy, share a dorm room, and accidentally insult each another a lot.
foxholecourt  jean/jeremy  long  fictoread 
22 days ago by themadstork
Primer to the Dark Arts by Icarus
Word count: 58719, Harry learns he is to be given private (and secret) tutoring in the Dark Arts to protect himself next time he meets Voldemort. His teacher? Professor Snape. Features ghost cats and cursed harps, spells that are supposed to go wrong and don't, a friendly sociopathic Death Eater... and Snape's naughty, naughty library.
작가님이 아즈카반의 죄수나 불의 잔 쯤에서 쓰셨는지 내가 아는 스네이프와 다른 면이 많았지만, 재밌었다. 특히 끝부분이 좋았어서 기분좋게 마무리 된듯. 하지만 해리와 론과의 관계는 좀 왠지 좀.. 메슥거린다. 스네이프 편애자라서, 조금이라도 감정이 남아 있어보이면 짜증나서 그런듯.
AU  harry/snape  long  romance  fluff  drama  bottomy!snape  top!harry  they-switch  peachy!snape  dangerous!snape  dark-magic  ron/harry-ugh  well-written  rating:NC17  fandom:HP 
22 days ago by engfordean
A New Safe Haven - JKDoYouLoveMe - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
Lately, the only place that eccentric loner Kim Taehyung can find some peace and solace is in his KakaoTalk chat with a fellow fan of BTS, Jon, who Taehyung has been helping with his English-speaking skills. While Taehyung starts to develop some deeper feelings for his online (and only) friend, he also begins to question who exactly this boy is. Why is he so mysterious? Why does he disappear for days on end and return with no explanation? Why does he refuse to send Taehyung a picture of himself?

Kim Taehyung learns the hard way that getting answers sometimes makes things more complicated, not less. // yas queen
bts  taehyung/jungkook  halfisfamousau  au  long  chatfic 
24 days ago by simplyjinspirational
before you - theformerone - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
When she is somersaulted back in time to Uzushio before it was Uzushio, with Kurama's yin chakra folded into the seal on her forehead, heart bursting with loss and the weight of her burden, she tells them her name is Tsubaki.

Uzumaki Mito looks at her like she is an enemy.
fic  f:Naruto  femslash  s:unspecified  timetravel  fixit  long  'ao3 
26 days ago by esther_a
Up Jumped the Devil - Chapter 1 - clockheartedcrocodile - The Exorcist (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The murmuring of the crowd withers into a concerned hush as Bennett kneels beside the body. He touches the preacher’s sun-scarred wrist, then his swollen neck. The congregation knows what Bennett will say before he says it; they can see it in the sudden deflation of his posture, and his low, stern exhale of disappointment.

Bennet stands up slowly, leaning heavily on his cane to steady himself.

“It seems,” he says, in a tone suggesting some great and terrible inconvenience, “that we shall have to find a new preacher.”
theexorcist  marcus/tomas  au  fictoread  long 
4 weeks ago by themadstork

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