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The Chaotic Triumph of Arron Banks, the “Bad Boy of Brexit”
The U.K. is in a panic over voters’ decision to withdraw from the E.U. But the pugnacious millionaire whose donations—and Trumpian scare tactics—helped sway Britons has no regrets.
by:EdCaesar  from:TheNewYorker  long-read  Brexit  ArronBanks  propaganda 
7 days ago by owenblacker
Artist, Heal Thyself! by Nina Power / ArtReview
In a capitalist society, fitness is nothing other than a measure of the extent to which you are capable of serving capital. According to a recent report by the UK’s Office for National Statistics, the average number of sickness absence days that UK workers took in 2017 has almost halved since records began in 1993. The report speculates that this is a result of improved healthy life expectancy, or, alternatively, because private-sector workers won’t be paid for ill-health related abs...
art  art-criticism  long-read  essay  political-economy  capitalism 
22 days ago by resub
The Misfit | The New Yorker
How David Milch got from “NYPD Blue” to “Deadwood” by way of an Epistle of St. Paul.
david-milch  deadwood  long-read 
11 weeks ago by resub
Shame Storm by Helen Andrews | Articles | First Things
Long piece about online shaming and how we still have no path forward for people shamed. Author has personal experience as a target.
shame  internet  long-read 
12 weeks ago by gunsch
Scrolling with pleasure
Fascinating low-level explanation of how scrolling works.
mouse  latency  long-read 
july 2018 by adambyrtek
Typing with pleasure
Low-level analysis of keyboard input latency.
latency  keyboards  long-read 
july 2018 by adambyrtek
John Lanchester · After the Fall: Ten Years after the Crash · LRB 5 July 2018
Economic perspective on how the events following the financial crisis contributed to current social unrest. Long but clearly written and easy to follow. Some interesting points:

* quantitative easing added more money into the economy, which ended up artificially keeping asset prices (housing in particular) high
* global debts highly outweigh global credits, with a difference of nearly $9T. Estimated to be sum of wealth hidden by rich.
* "Elephant graph" --- living standards of world's poorest have increased, but developed countries' middle class has tanked, while developed countries' rich have continued gaining wealth
economics  politics  austerity  long-read 
july 2018 by gunsch
Pixar’s Sexist Boys Club – Be Yourself
Personal story about a women's experience as a designer at Pixar. Immense amount of sexism, ingrained in the culture from the top down.
sexual-assault  women-in-tech  long-read  culture 
july 2018 by gunsch
How the Startup Mentality Failed Kids in San Francisco | WIRED
Reporting on Willie Brown Middle School's first year in SF, a school with lots of funding and new approach to teaching that failed miserably.
failed-technocracy  public-schools  long-read 
june 2018 by gunsch
Post-Authenticity and the Ironic Truths of Meme Culture
Critical-theory look at memes as way to deal with modern culture via the lens of irony, particularly for Generation Z as a response to Millennials' take on "authenticity".
memes  generation-z  long-read  criticical-theory 
june 2018 by gunsch
The Man Who Destroyed America’s Ego – Matter – Medium
Piece about the self-esteem movement, key figures in it, and contrarian ideas. Distinction between "high self-esteem" and "narcissism" grew out from this history, more recently than I realized.
self-esteem  ayn-rand  long-read  psychology  narcissism 
may 2018 by gunsch

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