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Meehan Crist reviews ‘The Water Will Come’ by Jeff Goodell · LRB 22 February 2018
What will happen in the next eighty years remains far from certain. There is a tipping point after which ice sheets will fully collapse – Greenland holds enough water to raise sea levels by roughly 22 feet – but researchers don’t know where that point lies. In January, NOAA released a major report on sea level rise that factors in current ice-sheet collapse and more than doubles the median rise in global sea levels predicted at the time of the Paris Agreement, from 2.3 feet to 4.9 feet. Goodell’s conclusion is crystal clear: ‘If we want to minimise the impact of sea level rise in the next century, here’s how we do it: stop burning fossil fuels and move to higher ground.’ If humans stopped using fossil fuels entirely by 2050, we might face two to three feet of sea level rise by the end of the century. Instead of 4.9 feet. Or 11 feet. But the water will come. The future depends on how humans rise to meet it.
climatechange  globalwarming  sealevelrising  forecast  environment  JeffGoodell  LondonReviewofBooks  2018 
march 2018 by inspiral
John Ashbery · LRB
This is lovely. The have put their whole archive of John Ashbery poems outside the paywall.
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september 2017 by bowbrick
James Meek · Somerdale to Skarbimierz · LRB 20 April 2017
The chief of the many flaws in this version is that at both ends of the Somerdale-Skarbimierz journey, the new jobs are worse than the old Somerdale ones. Even supposing all the redundant Somerdale workers, and their children, found similar low-skilled jobs, they would never be as well-paid as they were at Somerdale, and, crucially, wouldn’t have the same generous final salary pensions. Some of the Somerdale workers’ children, no doubt, will enter the higher-wage higher-skill world of the professional tech class, but the flipside of Matt Cross’s optimism is that those jobs will be few, and the zero-hours army many. The outflow of old-style manufacturing jobs, with good pay, conditions and pensions, couldn’t be matched by any foreseeable inflow. ‘People at the lower end of the workforce,’ Cross said, ‘start to lose their engagement in the workforce and the jobs they can get are very temporary jobs, minimum wage jobs, the Sports Direct-type model.’
Cadburys  globalisation  EuropeanUnion  subsidies  employment  casualisation  Poland  UK  LondonReviewofBooks  2017 
april 2017 by inspiral
John Lanchester · Brexit Blues · LRB 28 July 2016
None of this is what working-class voters had in mind when they opted for Leave. If it’s combined with the policy every business interest in the UK wants – the Norwegian option, in which we contribute to the EU and accept free movement of labour, i.e. immigration, as part of the price – it will be a profound betrayal of much of the Leave vote. If we do anything else, we will be inflicting severe economic damage on ourselves, and following a policy which most of the electorate (48 per cent Remain, plus economically liberal Leavers) think is wrong. So the likeliest outcome, I’d have thought, is a betrayal of the white working class. They should be used to it by now.
Brexit  EuropeanUnion  referendum  impact  immigration  politics  socialclass  economy  financialservices  Conservatives  TheresaMay  DavidCameron  author:JohnLanchester  LondonReviewofBooks  2016 
july 2016 by inspiral
Neal Ascherson reviews ‘Hitler’ by Volker Ullrich, translated by Jefferson Chase · LRB 2 June 2016
Ullrich handsomely compliments Kershaw for seeing the significance of the phrase. He expounds it even more clearly when he writes that "those who wanted to get ahead in this system … had to anticipate the Führer’s will and take action to prepare and promote what they thought to be Hitler’s intentions. This not only explains why the regime was so dynamic but also why it became more and more radical. In competing for the dictator’s favour, his paladins tried to trump one another with ever more extreme demands and measures."
history  londonreviewofbooks  hitler  wwii  fascism 
june 2016 by lundun

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