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London Regionalism - Wikipedia
The movement was composed of a group of artists who acknowledged their home as the centre and subject of creative activity; who acknowledged yet refused to situate themselves in the art world of the metropolitan centre; who refused to participate in ‘movements’. In fact, the term "regionalism" was adopted by the community in a spirit of defiance after a Toronto critic used it in a derisive way to describe the scene. The movement is jokingly referred to as not an "ism" at all, but "a group of artists who had decided to stay home."
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Had some great audience at my session on Webhooks and serverless Functions.…
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First time attending Dynamics 365 Saturday event at In pic bel…
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Oyster and National Rail
January 2nd 2010 was the day that Oyster became accepted on almost all National Rail services in Greater London, making cashless pay-as-you-go a reality London-wide.

This site has been set up to try and explain how the system works in an alternative fashion to the official TfL site.
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