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Peter Bourgon · Observability signals
Quote: "The write path could accept raw events, de-mux them into metrics, traces, and logs heuristically or by the “shape” of the data, make the relevant optimizations, and store them into purpose-driven backends. The read path could provide a single pane-of-glass-style interface abstracting over those backends."
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21 days ago by ajohnson1200
Sequence: High Performance Log Analyzer and Parser
at EMC, 1.4 billion log messages are generated daily on average, at a rate of one terabyte a day
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22 days ago by pjjw
Office 365 Management Activity API reference | Microsoft Docs
Use the Office 365 Management Activity API to retrieve information about user, admin, system, and policy actions and events from Office 365 and Azure AD activity logs.
logs  o365  auditing  api 
4 weeks ago by ericmmyers

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