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generate_header_items() has been simplified so you can easily change the order or elements in the header · GitHub
generate_header_items() has been simplified so you can easily change the order or elements in the header
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16 hours ago by joebanks
New Crest for FC Cincinnati by Interbrand
I agree with this review. Only thing that bugs me is the FC in the shield. Otherwise? Dandy. That headline on BN tho...
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7 days ago by glass
A Magazine about Kids, Code and Computer Science
programming  kids  logo  lua 
10 days ago by ramicof
Environments for Teaching Kids to Program
The following is what I decided would be the best languages for instructing kids
programming  kids  logo 
10 days ago by ramicof
Load81 is an attempt at creating a Codea-inspired environment to teach children how to write Lua programs. It features a graphical programming environment and a Commodore-64 style integrated editor so that the programmer is confined into a friendly environment with a simple editor:
programming  lua  kids  logo  anitrez 
10 days ago by ramicof
Logo Power GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
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logo  power  cars  max  sushi  auto  bmw  rally  audi  porsche  ferrari  2000  lamborghini  33  mclaren  r8  verstappen  bugatti  supercars  horsepower  veyron  laferrari  trackday  gumbal  flaneren  s 
11 days ago by architektura
John Matsis's invitation is awaiting your response
©  2018  LinkedIn  Corporation_  1000  West  Maude  Avenue_  Sunnyvale_  CA  94085.  LinkedIn  and  the  LinkedIn  logo  are  registered  trademarks  of  LinkedIn. 
12 days ago by jmx
Logo Design Infographic - 10 Tips for a Perfect Logo | JUST™ Creative
1. The logo should be simple
2. The logo should be timeless
3. The logo should be creative
4. The logo should be readable
5. The logo should be adaptive
6. The logo should be responsive
7. The logo should be unique
8. The logo should be relevant
9. The logo should be clever
10. The logo should be professional
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13 days ago by tom.reeder
Blue Fish | Advertising Agency Web Design SEO Mobile
412 Dauphin Street Cc, Mobile, AL 36602
(251) 287-9707
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14 days ago by Cloudwalker

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