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10 Best Practices to Build Secure Applications
Top 10 best practices to build and secure applications. From OWASP top ten, to WAF (Web Application Firewall), logs, updates, finding vulnerabilities etc.
Top 10 best practices to build and secure applications. From OWASP top ten, to WAF (Web Application Firewall), logs, updates, finding vulnerabilities etc.
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17 hours ago by michaelfox
关于 logging 的一些琐事 - Python - 伯乐在线
虽说 logging 模块都用了好久了,不过由于文档不够详细,每次都忍不住去搜索别人的文章,于是就干脆记录下来吧。
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3 days ago by jinwik
macOS Unified log: 1 why, what and how – The Eclectic Light Company

When Apple released macOS Sierra 10.12 in September 2016, it brought one of the most fundamental changes since the first Public Beta of Mac OS X: it replaced classical Unix logs with a new unified log.

In the eighteen months since, we have been slowly coming to terms with that – in the case of many users, learning to live without access to the macOS log. What had been a valuable aid in diagnosing startup, wake from sleep, app crash, and many other problems was effectively now inaccessible. Those logs which previously contained key audit information for system administrators were also largely gone too.

This series of articles is an attempt to give a practical overview of the unified log system in Sierra and High Sierra – information which, by and large, is not available elsewhere.

.tracev3 files use a compressed binary format which is proprietary to Apple, and undocumented. Apple will not provide direct access to their contents, only through closed-source tools such as the log command tool. Where users want a more portable format, Apple recommends conversion to a .logarchive package. Although Apple has still not documented that, I have discovered all its essential requirements and will describe it in detail later in this series.
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3 days ago by jefframnani
Di -- monadic/mtl logging for Haskell
stack of monad transformers and types for logging
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3 days ago by tswaterman
The Art of Monitoring
The Art of Monitoring: A book about monitoring that does not suck.
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4 days ago by hayzer

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