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Metrics, Logs and Traces: The Golden Triangle of Observability in Monitoring - DevOps.com
It isn’t surprising that the job of monitoring infrastructure and application environments has grown more complex as the underlying technologies evolve. The golden triangle of observability includes metrics, logs and traces, and each plays a specific role in infrastructure and application monitoring.
metrics  logging  tracing  monitoring  sysops  devops 
yesterday by brunns
How to use the unified log to see what’s going wrong – The Eclectic Light Company
This article explains how you can still use the unified log to discover what is going wrong, with the aid of my free app, Consolation 3. It’s actually easier than it was back in El Capitan.
MacOS  console  logging 
yesterday by euler
Get Kubernetes Logs with EFK Stack in 5 Minutes
Start monitoring Kubernetes logs in 5 minutes with EFK stack (Elasticsearch, Fluent Bit, and Kibana) deployed with Helm and operators.
kubernetes  k8s  monitoring  logging 
2 days ago by chlopakrzeznika
Exploring Web API Exception Handling | Software Engineering
In this article, exception handling is explored for Web API. The standard features from Web API 2 are shown as well as the global exception handling released in version 2.1.
asp.net  logging  exception 
3 days ago by andyhuey
Global Error Handling in ASP.NET Web API 2 | Microsoft Docs
We want to provide a simple, consistent way to log and handle (where possible) these exceptions.
asp.net  logging  exception 
3 days ago by andyhuey
Error Handling and ExceptionFilter Dependency Injection for ASP.NET Core APIs - Rick Strahl's Web Log
In this post I describe how to create an ExceptionFilter to create consistent API error responses and use a Dependency Injected logging provider. In the process I'll talk a bit about error handling in my API implementation.
asp.net  logging  exception 
3 days ago by andyhuey

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