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etcetera/OSLog.swift at master · jaredsinclair/etcetera · GitHub
Stuff I need often enough to that's too small to exist on its own. - jaredsinclair/etcetera
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11 hours ago by acrookston
Cindy Sridharan on Twitter: NanoLog by Ousterhout et al.

- just formatting a log typically takes on the order of 1µs!

- nanolog achieves high throughput by shifting work out of runtime hot path into compilation + post-execution phases

Basically records symbolic form of logs, and uses a post-processor after the fact to generate readable text.
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yesterday by jm
Uploading EC2 Logs to S3 on Shutdown
If you’ve ever used an auto scaling group (ASG) on AWS, you’ve probably had an EC2 instance fail and get removed from the ASG.
While great for redundancy (the ASG launches a new instance to start handling requests), it makes debugging the failure difficult since the ASG terminates the bad instance, erasing any evidence of what went wrong.
Below, I present a script that will upload relevant files to S3 after an instance is triggered to shutdown but before it terminates.

ec2  s3  logging 
2 days ago by geetarista
jaksi/awslog: Show the history and changes between configuration versions of AWS resources
Show the history and changes between configuration versions of AWS resources - jaksi/awslog
aws  logging  python  changelog 
2 days ago by geetarista

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