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JSON Lines
Json 파일포맷으로 로그를 출력할 때 사용되는 포맷
로그 분석처리시에 많이 볼듯
format  json  log 
1 hour ago by ncrash
Proof of Existence - Home
Validies file extistence in a particular point of time using hash stored in Bitcoin blockchain.
blockchain  documentation  log  proof-of-excistence  timestamping 
2 days ago by mjlassila
これが Cloud Native な セキュリティログ分析だ (仮) // Speaker Deck
log  monitoring  security  aws  presentation 
6 days ago by summerwind
Blazing-Fast Log Management & Server Monitoring | Scalyr
We built the log monitoring tool we've always wished for. Scalyr is server log monitoring and analysis built for engineers.
log  analysis  management  server  monitoring 
11 days ago by gilberto5757

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