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python - Is it possible to open a locked sqlite database in read only mode? - Stack Overflow
SQLITE_OPEN_READONLY flag - look into this. Probably only part of the C API, which Python's sqlite3 won't necessarily support.

This is the solution I ended up using:
You could try just copying the database file (e.g., with the system utility cp) and using that snapshot for reading purposes
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8 weeks ago by kme
Python SQLite: database is locked - Stack Overflow
Got this message when trying to use my 'ffhist' Python script while Firefox was open.
python  sqlite  dba  database  locking  errormessage 
8 weeks ago by kme
cirello-io/pglock: [Mirror] PostgreSQL Lock Client for Go
[Mirror] PostgreSQL Lock Client for Go. Contribute to cirello-io/pglock development by creating an account on GitHub.
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9 weeks ago by snahor

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