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Unknown text by John Locke reveals roots of 'foundational democratic ideas' | Books | The Guardian
“If Papists can be supposd to be as good subjects as others they may be equally tolerated,” he writes. And: “If all subjects should be equally countenanced, & imployd by the Prince. the Papist[s] have an equall title.”
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Why western liberals have long picked the wrong historical hero | Kenan Malik | Opinion | The Guardian
The Enlightenment thinker who adopted a truly liberal attitude towards toleration was not Locke but the Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza, whose work is far too little known, especially in the Anglophone world.

“The less freedom of judgment is granted to men,” Spinoza said,“the further are they removed from the most natural state and consequently the more repressive the regime.” Involvement by the state, he insisted, “should be restricted to men’s actions, with everyone being allowe...
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John Locke’s Method for Common-Place Books (1685) – The Public Domain Review
“His technique of “commonplacing” always began with a stack of white, empty sheets bound together into a single volume. At the front he placed an index of two pages, which listed every letter of the Latin alphabet in one column next to each vowel (though only for the combinations that were possible, hence just “Q.u”).”
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“All Must Be Tolerated”: Teresa Bejan’s Mere Civility, Part I
“Like Hobbesian civility, Lockean civility thus winds up exclusionary, albeit for different reasons. It is worth recalling here that the new Christian sects then sweeping parts of the West were not “the ecumenical mainliners of modern experience but rather righteous schismatics and enthusiastic evangelicals who were unwilling—or in conscience unable—to hold their tongues or keep their peace” (17). Many called for aggressive and socially disruptive forms of evangelization — including, in the case of Quakers, “going naked in public ‘for a sign,’ as well as interrupting others’ worship by banging pots and pans or shouting down the minister” (70–71). To enforce (if only through social pressure) civil norms that preclude such behavior was thus to exclude not only those who have not been socialized into those norms but also religious minorities.

Ultimately, then, for both Locke and Hobbes, what is intended as a purely procedural matter — how to interact with one’s fellow citizens in the public square — turns out to be a matter of substantive disagreement. The demands for certain civil “behaviors” passes surreptitiously into a demand for “shared beliefs” (143). For Locke, however, the result is not difference without disagreement but “disagreement without difference” — disagreement, that is, among only those with whom we substantially agree.”
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Please respect the residents of
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Rock tumblers: proving 's theory that 99/100ths of value comes from mixing labor with property.
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R Kingston, review - Duncan Kelly, The Propriety of Liberty. Persons, Passions and Judgment in Modern Political Thought (2012) | Political Theory - jstor
The Propriety of Liberty. Persons, Passions and Judgment in Modern Political Thought by Duncan Kelly -- Review by: Rebecca Kingston -- Political Theory, Vol. 40, No. 4, August 2012 (pp. 524-527)
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