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Level Lock | Smart Lock | Digital Door Lock
Introducing Level Lock, the world's first invisible smart lock – designed to install inside your door in minutes to transform your existing deadbolt. Now you can get all the benefits of a smart lock and still maintain the design integrity of your home. Use your phone to lock and unlock your door, share access, and always know who's coming and going.
door  lock  electronic  security 
16 days ago by markhgn
Windows 7 moves/resizes windows on monitor power cycle - Microsoft Community
I have a new W7 ultimate install on a new PC (AOpen DEX4501 w intel GM45 graphics). I have installed the latest Intel graphics drivers, and all relevant windows updates. It is connected
display  settings  re  position  windows  wake  sleep  lock 
24 days ago by jgear
A Meditation of a Penitent Sinner - Anne Lock
This site contains the full text of Anne Lock's sonnet sequence, written in 1560.
ENG2610  sonnets  full-text  Lock 
28 days ago by jcmadams
Anne Lock: "A Meditation of a Penitent Sinner"
This website from the Folger Library provides background and additional information on Anne Lock, one of England's 16th century poets.
ENG2610  sonnets  Lock 
28 days ago by jcmadams
The Pitfall of Using PostgreSQL Advisory Locks with Go's DB Connection Pool | Qube Cinema
Always unlock a PostgreSQL session-level advisory lock on the same connection which was used to lock it, otherwise sooner or later, you will end up not unlocking it, and then you will be blocked forever.
postgres  lock  golang 
4 weeks ago by suhlig

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