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Real World Market Intelligence Data Platform | Huq
We use geo-behavioural data to help marketers, investors and business analysts discover what consumers do in the real world.
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Mapwize | Indoor mapping & Wayfinding for Smart Buildings
Mapwize is the Indoor Mapping platform for creating new digital services inside buildings. Our maps are easy to build and even easier to integrate in your Wayfinding, Workspace Management, Maintenance or Security applications.
maps  map  mapping  indoor  app  development  building  interior  workspace  mall  shopping  floorplan  CAD  API  positioning  GPS  geo  geolocation  location  GIS 
8 days ago by csaper
German court rules Facebook use of personal data illegal
Revealing if unsurprising: #facebook #defaults violate #German #privacy law (& my personal preferences ;^) - #Messenger a culprit
facebook  germany  court  privacy  violation  consent  TOS  Q1  2018  user  whatsapp  instagram  messenger  location 
11 days ago by csrollyson
Bluetooth Beacons and Location Solutions @ Kontakt.io
Bluetooth Beacons & Location Solutions: test, demo, and manage your beacon application securely at scale from anywhere in the world. Locate and track the location and flow of assets and staff with our Bluetooth Low Energy tags and solutions.
beacons  ibeacon  eddystone  bluetooth  ble  location 
15 days ago by cyberchucktx
[1802.01468] PinMe: Tracking a Smartphone User around the World
t. In this paper, we demonstrate that neither of the above-mentioned requirements is essential for compromising the user's location privacy. We describe PinMe, a novel user-location mechanism that exploits non-sensory/sensory data stored on the smartphone, e.g., the environment's air pressure, along with publicly-available auxiliary information, e.g., elevation maps, to estimate the user's location when all location services, e.g., GPS, are turned off.
gps  cellphone  privacy  location 
16 days ago by bwiese

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