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Frank's Compulsive Guide to Postal Addresses | Hacker News
Word to the wise: Don't store numeric address information in integer fields. I sometimes see ZIP codes with missing leading 0's.
localization  data  reference 
2 days ago by marshallim
Home – 3db Technologies GmbH
Apparently the UWB folks are FINALLY getting around to baking in ranging, using 64GHz timestamp counters (nanosecond?) for 10cm accuracy. Likely to be used for keyless entry fobs for cars starting in 2019
UWB  802.15.4  distance  bounding  ranging  localization  chip  keyless  entry  fob  electronics  devices  hardware 
13 days ago by asteroza
Using React’s context API to provide a localization toolbox for your components
A brief overview of how to format time and numbers, how to make it relevant to a specific locale, and how to make it all easy with React’s context API.
React  React.js  ReactJS  javascript  WooRank  Localization 
14 days ago by GameGamer43
LocalisationUpdate – Wikitech
Translations are applied once a day at 02:00 UTC from Monday through Thursday.
wikipedia  localization 
23 days ago by danmichaelo
Don’t Use The Placeholder Attribute
The placeholder attribute contains a surprising amount of issues that prevent it from delivering on what it promises. Let’s clarify why you need to stop using it.
fridayfrontend  css  forms  html  accessibility  labels  placeholder  localization  internationalization 
26 days ago by spaceninja
Contributor Insights into Japan – @L10nLab
As part of its ongoing “Contributor Insights" series compiling interviews with translation contributors from different communities, OTF-supported Localization Lab https://www.localizationlab.org/ , (a translation hub for open source tools) spoke with Japanese language contributors to better understand their perspective, why they're interested in localizing Internet freedom tools, and the role of public opinion around such topics in Japan. "Although Japan might not have a reputation for internet censorship or online authoritarianism," the Lab writes, "several Localization Lab contributors have begun to notice what they feel is a slow erosion of internet freedom in Japan."

Discussing the situation, the Japanese contributors said in part: "While Japan does not quite have the reputation for authoritarianism that other countries do, the fact is that the local government has a very loose attitude to the concept of individual rights and liberties...More recently, the Japanese government has proposed asking ISPs to maintain block lists and restrict access to websites based on fears of copyright violation, in spite of this being a clear violation of the current Japanese constitution...Based on the events of the past five years or so, and other personal experiences of increasingly authoritarian government behavior, I believe that Japan is heading in a bad direction with regard to press freedom, free speech, and access to information. As such, myself and my colleagues engaged in this translation project would like to help bring technology to the Japanese people that will both allow them full access to information online and render site blocking useless...I haven’t seen people around me worry about censorship or surveillance, and actually, most Japanese people don’t feel a sense of crisis about that kind of thing."

In addition to this post, check out a previous edition in which the Lab spoke with Turkmenistan-based contributors. https://www.localizationlab.org/blog/2018/1/12/contributor-insights-into-turkmenistan
localization  japan  asia  ll  localizationlab  language  translation 
4 weeks ago by dmcdev
Project Fluent
A localization system designed to improve how software is translated.
5 weeks ago by adamvig
Design for internationalization – Dropbox Design – Medium
Imagine you’re trying out a new app for the first time. It’s getting rave reviews from people on Twitter. They’re saying it’s brilliant. Life-changing. Delightful. Hmm. That’s odd. There’s a video up…
internationalization  localization 
8 weeks ago by sanchit
Say what? — WordPress Plugins
An easy-to-use plugin that allows you to alter strings on your site without editing WordPress core, or plugin code. Simply enter the current string, and what you want to replace it with and the plugin will automatically do the rest!
WordPress  plugin  strings  replacement  localization 
8 weeks ago by sridhar

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