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The principles and policies adopted by Preston hold out hope for towns everywhere
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Devolution and Localism in England - Academic library
List of Abbreviations
Chapter 1 Decentralisation and Governance in England and the UK
Localism and Globalisation
Government and Governance
Unified State and Decentralisation in the United Kingdom
England in the United Kingdom
England as odd man out
Administrative decentralization in England
English regional government
From regional government to regional governance
Reform of English local government and city regions
Chapter 2 Is there a Role for English Regional Governance?
The Decline of the Region as a Focus of Strategic Policy Making
The Views of Regional Elites
The meaning of region
The value of a regional level of governance
What are the necessary regional functions which need to be fulfilled?
Regions and sub-regions
Strategic Leaders' Boards
Co-ordination of Sub-regions
Multi-Area Agreements and City Regions
Chapter 3 English Regions, Sub-regions and Issues of Identity and Engagement
What are Regional and Local Identities?
Regions and Regional Identity in England
English versus British Identity
Do the People want Regional Governance?
Do Regional or Sub-regional Identities Exist?
Regional Elites and Regional Identities?
Mass Media and Regional Identity
Localism, Sub-regions and Identity
The Community Level
Engagement, Identity and Local Institutions
Criticism of Institutional Engagement
Stakeholders and Democrats
Chapter 4 A New Broom? Coalition Policy and the 'Death of the Region'
The Development and Implementation of Coalition Policies
The Attack on Regionalism
Government Offices for the Regions
Demise of the Regional Development Agencies
Local Area Agreements, Local Strategic Partnerships and Multi-Area Agreements
The Creation of the Local Enterprise Partnerships
The rise of the Local Enterprise Partnerships
Further development of Local Enterprise Partnerships
Decentralisation and the Localism Bill
The Localism Act
Cities as Engines of Growth
Localism and the Death of the Region? Rhetoric and Practice
Chapter 5 Cities, City Regions, Growth and the Devolution of Powers
The Concept of City Region, the Labour Government and the Coalition
Coalition Urban Policies
Unlocking growth cities and city deals
Directly elected city mayors
City deals and devolution of powers
Enterprise zones and cities
City Regions, Local Enterprise Partnerships and Enterprise Zones: Elite Responses
Chapter 6 Devolution, Localism and Good Governance in England
New Localism
Decentralization to local government
New Labour and localism
The Coalition Government, localism and the 'Big Society'
The Coalition Policies in Practice
Do local elites want localism?
Does localism mean more centralization?
Local Enterprise Partnerships, economic development, City Deals and localism
Clarity of implementation
Government finance
The Big Society?
Chapter 7 Conclusions
The Rise and Fall of Regions
The United Kingdom, England and possible consequences of the Scottish referendum
Could English Regions or Sub-regions be Re-invented?
Regions, the EU and banking
Local Enterprise Partnerships and future growth
City regions and future growth
Is there value in regional and sub-regional approaches?
What Future is There for Localism?
What Might Happen Next?
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To Find Alternatives to Capitalism, Think Small | The Nation
To conventional policy minds, altering the micro-dynamics of organizations may seem irrelevant to the task of making broadscale social change. But transforming organizational systems and cultures on a small scale may be one of the most effective ways to bring about macro-change. Just as the microprocessor and the telecommunications network changed the inner dynamics of business, eventually transforming the global economy itself, the rise of self-organized governance and networked collaboration is opening up strategic opportunities on a larger scale...Attempting to move beyond neoliberal capitalism may sound naive. But over the past two decades, some remarkable progress has already been made. Besides a range of relocalization strategies, a new sector of commons-based peer production has revolutionized software development, scientific research, academic publishing, education, and other fields by making their outputs legally and technically shareable. In the halls of government, however, policy-makers and even progressives show little interest in the profound political and economic implications of free and open-source software, Creative Commons licenses, citizen science, data commons, open educational resources, and open design and hardware.
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Grenfell reflects the accountability vacuum left by crumbling local press | Emily Bell | Media | The Guardian
Local reporting serves another function which is seldom discussed. Local journalism should be a pipeline which takes young people from very different backgrounds into the profession of reporting;
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Emerging Consumer Survey 2017
The top three of this year's Emerging Consumer Survey are India, Indonesia and China. On the other end of the spectrum are Russia, Turkey and Mexico. On top of providing a close look at the emerging markets, the report examines current trends of particular relevance to them, such as e-commerce, aware consumerism, and the growing popularity of domestic brands.
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Pokémon Go is everything that is wrong with late capitalism - Vox
Read after hanging with Molly Sauter and learning about Fordism's opportunity-centric model for guys returning from war with missing limbs
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Stowe Boyd — Progressives have been so focused on Washington,...
"Progressives have been so focused on Washington, they’ve missed the fact that most of the progress..."
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'Annoying' anti-cowbell campaigner denied Swiss passport - The Local
Nancy Holten, 42, was born in the Netherlands but grew up in Switzerland from the age of eight, speaks fluent Swiss German and has children with Swiss citizenship.
A vegan and supporter of animal rights, she gained a reputation in her community of Gipf-Oberfrick, in the canton of Aargau, after campaigning against cowbells, claiming they were damaging to cows’ health.
She has also objected to hunting and piglet racing, and complained about the noise of church bells in the village, campaigns that have seen her regularly interviewed in the Swiss press over the past few years. 
Last November, Holten had her citizenship application turned down for the second time by the residents’ committee. 
That’s despite her meeting all legal requirements and the municipal and cantonal authorities having no formal objection. 
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New Left Project | Why the Working Class was Never ‘White’
The sooner we recognise that the ‘white working class’ is not a thing, but rather an unhelpful media construction which the left must eschew, the better. Not only does it deflect attention from the virulent racism in other parts of English society, but it reinforces the idea of working-class people as unchanging, anachronistic and ‘left behind’. The ‘racialisation’ of class in Britain has been a consequence of the weakening of ‘class’ as a political idea since the 1970s – it is a new construction, not an historic one, and it is profoundly unhelpful. It makes it all too easy for millions of people hit hardest by neo-liberal economics to be dismissed as somehow reaping what they deserve.
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