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Basic ticketing / reporting system - recommended by Angela
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february 2011 by bmann
Building a pop menu, 5+ levels deep. | ExpressionEngine Community Forums
I’ve been working recently on an upcoming site build that’s going to be very content heavy and have content up to 5 levels deep. After toying around with various addons, I decided to stick with the native EE Pages Module, and Mark Huots Nested Pages plugin.

The immediate concern with this route is that the Nested Pages plugin outputs all pages under a node that you specify, and I want a ‘pop’ menu, where the nav opens and closes depending where you are in the hierarchy.

After modifying the plugin (adding one line of code), I’m happy to have a fully dynamic pop menu, controlled by the Pages Module.


First off, I added the ability for Mark’s plugin to allow the {pnm_page_uri} variable so we can run some conditionals.

Find line 273 of the plugin (on 1.1.9 anyway)
$variables['page_url'] = $FNS->create_url($page_path, 1, 0);

and insert this line directly after
$variables['page_uri'] = $page_path;

now we have {pnm_page_uri} available within the plugin.
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july 2009 by 44sunsets
textually.org: Anonymous Texts at Bus Stops - Big Brother's Creepy Bluetooth Campaign
Playing Thumbs or Bums (the fun game of sending questionable photos to strangers' open Bluetooth) is morally dubious at an individual level. But what happens when an organisation does it? Is this the same as cold calling marketing and leaflet drops?
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june 2008 by pipstar

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