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Operation Old Men
An ill-fated parent teacher conference reunites Jin Ling's wayward uncle with Sizhui's father. AKA: A matchmaking disaster as told by Jin Ling, Sizhui, and Jingyi.

(I love the junior trio so much. So so much.)
fandom:mdzs  pairing:lanwanji/weiwuxian  author:chiharu  Loc:AO3  WC:36-50K  genre:au  trope:modern 
10 weeks ago by khyie
A Most Convenient Mishap
When the clock struck three, Elizabeth felt that she must go, and very unwillingly said so. Miss Bingley offered her the carriage, and she only wanted a little pressing to accept it, when Jane testified such concern in parting with her, that Miss Bingley was obliged to convert the offer of the chaise into an invitation to remain at Netherfield for the present. Elizabeth most thankfully consented, and a servant was dispatched to Longbourn to acquaint the family with her stay, and bring back a supply of clothes.


Variation on canon, where Elizabeth and Darcy are accidentally assigned the same room when Jane was sick in Netherfield, and misunderstandings and a desire to avert a loss of standing in society put Lizzy and Darcy in a marriage of convenience.

It was entertaining enough. Lizzy's behavior is explained enough by her youth/inexperience and her ~secret trauma from her parents' unhappy marriage, but I was really surprised at the last bit, where instead of the story winding down, the Darcys' relationship was dealt another blow.

Throughout the story they had multiple honest conversations after their blow-ups/misunderstandings but on the very last one they had a truly emotional scene which ... was kinda boring tbh. Especially since there were no stakes at that time, considering you knew both their feelings/affection for each other. It just felt that that extra scene was unnecessarily dramatic just for the sake of adding in tension.
fanfiction  het  pride&prejudice  elizabeth/darcy  multipart  complete  au:canon-derivative  50k-100k  marriage-of-convenience  loc:ao3 
11 weeks ago by adelikal
Crossing Paths
Author's Note: This story was inspired by the "Tempus, Anyone?" episode of "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman".

Elizabeth Darcy rolled onto her back and flung an arm across the bed.

"Oof," said her husband, opening one lazy eye. "Is that any way to wish your husband a happy first anniversary?"

She smiled and rolled onto her side facing him. "Probably not," she admitted. "But is a complaint any way to say good morning to your four-months-great-with-child wife?"

"Definitely not," he agreed, and moved forward to kiss her.

"Much better," she said when he drew away, and sweetly: "Happy anniversary, darling."

He laughed. "Happy anniversary."


Story: the maze at Pemberley is magick and a very pregnant Elizabeth Darcy stumbles through it one December day, to find herself in a universe where Mr Darcy has NOT married her and Georgiana Darcy is married to a truly villainous Wickham. Elizabeth of course changes that universe's Mr Darcy's life (turns it around), & eventually makes her way back to her Mr Darcy. An interesting enough diversion.
fanfiction  het  pride&prejudice  elizabeth/darcy  multipart  complete  50k-100k  au:canon-derivative  parallel-universe  slice-of-life  loc:ao3 
11 weeks ago by adelikal
Resonance (3 Parts)
After being hit by a missing-nin's jutsu, Kakashi's chakra is never the same again.
fanfiction  slash  naruto  kakairu  multipart  complete  20k-50k  romance  slice-of-life  action/adventure  loc:ao3 
11 weeks ago by adelikal
Missing Pieces
Shinobi Enforcement Agency is the only bounty station (un)officially recognized by all of the Five Great Nations. It'd be the best place to bring in targets, if only there wasn't so much paperwork involved.

When they don't seem interested in taking out the new missing-nin in town, Kakashi wants to know why.

(Or, the one where both Kakashi and Iruka are missing-nin bounty hunters who go after the same target.)
fanfiction  slash  naruto  kakairu  oneshot  10k-20k  humor  action/adventure  loc:ao3 
11 weeks ago by adelikal
I Wish You Were My Husband
Wherein Shen Yuan transmigrates into a harem intrigues romance novel (gay edition), Yue Qingyuan really fucks up, Liu Qingge is not suitable for his job, and no one even remotely sees Luo Binghe coming.
fandom:scumvillain  pairing:luobinghe/shenquinqiu  author:feynite  Loc:AO3  WC:100K+  genre:au 
12 weeks ago by khyie
The members of the Lan Clan have never been particularly well-known for their good judgement when it comes to matters of the heart.
Which is why it should come as a surprise to no one when Lan Wangji falls in love with an actual ghost.
fandom:mdzs  pairing:lanwanji/weiwuxian  author:chinxe  WC:21-35K  genre:au  Loc:AO3 
august 2019 by khyie
Beneath a Dragon Moon (9 Parts)
Enjolras Targaryen is sold to a Dothraki khal by his brother. But what he finds among the khalasar is more than he expected. Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire fusion.
fanfiction  slash  enjolras/grantaire  multipart  complete  20k-50k  au:diff-verse  fantasy  marriage-of-convenience  loc:ao3 
august 2019 by adelikal
Little Wild Animal (23 Parts)
Derek Hale finds a feral human on his pack's property.
Humans are supposed to be extinct.
But then, Stiles is full of surprises.


Wow. Well, sometimes TW still has the capacity to entertain. I enjoyed it, it was fun. The turns, though expected, were handled deftly enough that they were enjoyable. Return me to my grave now please. Close the lid.
fanfiction  slash  teenwolf  derek/stiles  multipart  complete  50k-100k  au:diff-verse  werewolves  loc:ao3 
may 2019 by adelikal
A (Sort of) Fairytale
The summer after senior year starts normally enough, with the gang spending their final months before college together at the Martin family's lake house. Then Jackson stumbles onto the burial ground of a witch's ex-husband, Stiles is magically turned into a fox, and things somehow manage to get worse from there. The gratuitous Princess Bride references are only of moderate help.


Pretty interesting doe and, AND, the art is SO cute is2g
fanfiction  slash  teenwolf  derek/stiles  oneshot  20k-50k  humor  romance  loc:ao3 
may 2019 by adelikal
Atlas (25 Parts)
Between what was and what will be stands James Tiberius Kirk, in all his fractured patchwork glory. Because saving the Federation was only the beginning.


A novel-length continuation of the 2009 movie told in four parts. Cross-posted from FFN.


Uh?? I REALLY enjoyed this fic. I blew through all 135k words of this fic. It's Kirk/Spock but what really had me interested was ALL THE THINGS going on in this fic. The plot, the characters, smrt Kirk, smrt Spock, smrt Uhura. LOOK AT THEM, THEY'RE ALL GENIUSES.

Very well written and wow I would not mind rereading that.
fanfiction  slash  startrek  kirk/spock  multipart  complete  100k-500k  canon  action/adventure  mystery  romance  spaceadventures  loc:ao3  (recommended) 
may 2019 by adelikal
Lirim (45 Parts)
Beasts - shapeshifters with immense power - rank so high in society humans are not supposed to look, touch or speak to them; and yet male beasts can only breed with humans. Human omegas know better than to venture outside after midnight, when the beasts come out to hunt. But some don't have a choice.

Alfie is rushing home close to dawn and he nearly makes it - before coming upon a wounded beast whom he helps. And the beast does not forget that kindness.
Brin is a homeless street-singer, and so far in life he has managed to avoid bonding with beasts - except no high-ranking beast has ever gone after him. Until one does.
Tommy didn't even present as anything yet - but a certain hot headed beast has such a strong reaction to him that he is stolen away from his balcony.
And Finn...Finn was inside, safe. Or so he thought. Until a beast, more powerful than he ever thought possible, picks him as his bond - and refuses to back down. Finn runs...and gets caught.
Four humans now find themselves within a high-security mansion, where their bonded mates have brought them, to woo them, teach them how to behave and convince them to bear children. But no one is going down easily.


Okay, so. I finished this entire story. No skipping chapters. Straight read. Thoughts:

- Would love it if this author got a beta. There are some really weird phrases there where I'm like, "what are they trying to say?" Ex: "He kissed his teeth." This is not one person kissing another person's teeth, this is one person performing an action. So I'm not really sure what kissing teeth is. Just, it's not what it sounds like, probably.

- The ~main couple - Finn and Alt - are so vanilla boring but they take up a pretty decent bulk of the story.

- Pregnant people don't become magically fragile jsyk

- But also why is everyone getting pregnant what the eff I thought pregnancies were rare

- But despite all this I DID read it all the way through and it WAS enough to keep my interest the entire story. I was really pissed by the premise - HELLO, KIDNAPPERS, and fucking ARBITRARY EXPECTATIONS - and I'm not sure that I'm satisfied with how things turned out/how the characters resolved the really high hurdle of their first meeting. But what else do I want? Brin went all out on Eric and Eric suffered as it is right that he should suffer, and so did Jordan. And Chase, sort of.

I keep wondering like what if the author had broken the stories up instead of intertwining them into one massive story. Would that have given the couples' relationships more space to develop? Or would I not have bothered after reading the first most vanilla boring couple (Finn/Alt)? IDK. But in this reality, I read it and I don't actually regret reading it (all that much).
original  slash  multipart  complete  100k-500k  alpha/omega  bonding  loc:ao3 
may 2019 by adelikal
The Unwinding of Loki (19 Parts)
Unsure of his place on Asgard, Loki runs away to Midgard.


This is a particularly interesting fic. Premise: Odin isn't the worst dad of the year, and Loki actually loves Asgard. Loki goes to Midgard to avoid being made to wage war against Jotunheim - and thereby break the peace Odin brokered - and there accidentally joins the Avengers and creates AND unleashes a creature-between-universes that's intent on devouring all the energy of his reality.

This fic was actually REALLY well-written. I liked the plot, the characterization, the resolution, Loki's machinations, schemes, plots, and behind it, the sacrificial heart that would do anything to keep Thor alive.

1. It's Loki/Thor but it's not actually. Loki and Thor barely spend any time "on screen" together, as the bulk of the fic is Loki's adventures on Midgard. Not a lot: a bunch of it is his missteps as he creates and unleashes the Serpent-between-Worlds, which calls him Father. Seriously, that was interesting, creepy stuff, and I loved it, but this is like, superficially a Loki/Thor fic.

2. This tag: "Steve and Loki could be a thing if you squint"
If I SQUINT? Bro. I don't HAVE to squint. It's right there, on the fuckin' page.

3. Again, this fic is has the tag "Arranged Marriage", but that's like, incidental to the fic. It's not what drives the fic. Which I appreciate, but I was looking for good arranged marriage fic, not plotty adventure fic with the thinnest smidgen of arranged marriage.

Note to self: Considering how much I enjoyed this fic I went to the sequel, "Through the Mirror" and looked at the last couple of chapters, to see if the payoff is Loki/Thor 'cause it had a lot of other tags. Not sure it is, so ... might skip that one.
fanfiction  slash  marvel  thor/loki  multipart  complete  50k-100k  au:canon-derivative  action/adventure  loc:ao3 
may 2019 by adelikal
Make Me Your Home (6 Parts)
“Oh my god, Keeeith,” Lance wheezed. “Keith you’re the best drunk space cadet I’ve ever seen.”

“Space cadet,” Keith mumbled. He repeated the words again although his eyes had zeroed in on Lance’s hands and Lance offered no resistance when Keith picked one of them up and pulled it possessively towards his lap. He began to gently trace over Lance’s fingers, sending shivers up Lance’s arm and down his spine. “You have looong fingers,” Keith murmured after a few moments.

Keith’s face perked up then, as if he’d just had a brilliant idea, and Lance could almost not wait to hear what new obscure thought had entered Keith’s pretty head. He was prepared to laugh, and instead found himself shivering again as Keith leaned far into his personal bubble, lips practically touching Lance’s ear when he spoke next.

“I bet you could reach all kinds of things, Lance.”

Update: Now with ART by suitboxers!!


It was actually pretty cute, and let me tell you, the art is fucking A+++++.
fanfiction  slash  voltron  keith/lance  multipart  complete  20k-50k  loc:ao3 
may 2019 by adelikal
The Omega Ball (11 Parts)
It's the way alphas and omegas meet: they go to the druid's omega ball. Given his father's proclivity for murdering magic folk, Arthur has to go in disguise. Meanwhile, Merlin is still trying to hide his abilities. Morgana is up to no good with an ancient potion. Lancelot is fearfully noble, and Gwaine is laughing at everyone.

Somehow, nobody ends up properly waltzing.


This one was ... OK. Entertaining. It says "plotty omegaverse fic" at the top, but there's really no plot, just hijinks and comedy.
fanfiction  slash  merlin  arthur/merlin  multipart  complete  20k-50k  au:canon-derivative  alpha/omega  loc:ao3 
may 2019 by adelikal
Somewhere to Start
Stiles has always known that he isn't quite human - the plant life that tends to sprout around him whenever he gets upset or excited gives it away. He's never really fit in among the regular people in Beacon Hills and is determined to wait it out, go to college, and find somewhere to belong. He's forced to abandon those plans, however, after he desperately agrees to enter into an arranged marriage to save his father's life.

An arranged marriage with an angry, sometimes furry dude with trust issues. It's all very Beauty and the Beast, without the singing candlesticks.


I come grovelling once more to this fandom don't judge me

It was fun and I had fun
fanfiction  slash  teenwolf  derek/stiles  oneshot  20k-50k  au:diff-verse  marriage-of-convenience  loc:ao3 
may 2019 by adelikal
Where I Fall is Where I Land
“We call them godmarks,” Enjolras explained to Grantaire. “And those who bear matching godmarks are soulmates.”

Enjolras is the Roman commander of a cavalry unit on Hadrian's Wall in the waning years of the Empire. Grantaire is a Pict.
fanfiction  slash  enjolras/grantaire  oneshot  20k-50k  au:diff-verse  romance  soulmarks  loc:ao3 
april 2019 by adelikal
Single Use Weapon
"The king is dead," says Samuels. "Long live the king."
A story about fealty and destiny, spies and secrets, and the things we do to hold onto power.
fandom:kings  author:fahye  Loc:AO3  pairing:david/jack  WC:51-70K 
april 2019 by khyie
The Bingo Book
Kakashi avoided relationships. He didn't want to put others in danger. So he couldn't understand why there was a face staring back at him, as a sub-entry to his own, in this Bingo Book. Umino Iruka (lover) the caption read. It didn't matter that it wasn't true. The Book was fact, and to Kakashi's enemies, Iruka had just become a weakness they could exploit.
fandom:naruto  pairing:kakashi/iruka  author:flailinginlove  Loc:AO3  WC:51-70K 
april 2019 by khyie
Mountains and Molehills
In which Bakugou Katsuki is not an apologetic person, but he thinks he should probably try for the sake of, like, teamwork and peer-pressure. Midoriya kind of wishes he'd figure out how to do it properly, or at least be less weird about it.

(Full disclosure: I'm not excusing Bakugou's behavior, because he was absolutely horrific to Midoriya, and he's only gotten slightly better but he's still, weirdly, my favorite character from this manga and this fic was a riot)
fandom:myheroacademia  pairing:bakugou/midoriya  Loc:AO3  author:low_commotion  WC:21-35K 
april 2019 by khyie

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