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Leadership Berlin
Es ist die Überzeugung von Leadership Berlin, dass es für eine Gesellschaft als Ganze, wie auch für jedes Unternehmen, jede Behörde oder gemeinnützige Organisation wichtig ist, dass sie über „Entscheidende“ oder „Machende“ verfügen, […]
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6 weeks ago by blumenberg
Why Public Transportation Works Better Outside the U.S.
The widespread failure of American mass transit is usually blamed on cheap gas and suburban sprawl. But the full story of why other countries succeed is more complicated.
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12 weeks ago by mirthe
EU ignoring climate crisis with livestock farm subsidies, campaigners warn | Environment | The Guardian
The thinktank Rise Foundation has said Europe’s meat and dairy production would need to halve by 2050 to meet global targets for reducing climate emissions.
CAP  EU  agriculture  Klimakatastrophe  European  Union  CO2  methane  meat  dairy  lobby  vested  interest  MEP 
may 2019 by asterisk2a
5 Hotel Lobby Design Tips
Your hotel lobby will tell your guests what to expect, so make the best first impression with these 5 hotel lobby design tips.
hotel  lobby  design 
may 2019 by Adventure_Web
The price of plenty: how beef changed America | Environment | The Guardian
It's agribusiness
not agriculture
there is no culture in agribusiness.
and business has no ethics morals or self-regulation
This is an edited extract from Red Meat Republic: A Hoof-to-Table History of How Beef Changed America by Joshua Specht, published by Princeton University Press
agribusiness  agriculture  CAP  Europe  beef  self-regulation  FDA  food  poisoning  regulation  Brexit  regulators  oversight  Transparency  pollution  Klimakatastrophe  lobby  subsidies  subsidizing  obesity  nutrition  public  health  book 
may 2019 by asterisk2a

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