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MRTA 例子: A先生贷款买了一间屋子400k,供期35年。到了10年,A先生不幸地不在了,他还欠银行300k。MRTA保险只赔所拖欠的300k债务而已。
🍀 MLTA例子: B先生的屋子400k,供期35年, 到了10年,他不幸去世。他还欠银行300k。
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11 days ago by lohsingyee
British Steel's owners charging firm £20m a year in fees and interest | Business | The Guardian
Heuschrecken 2.0 - Loan Shark 2.0 // Meyohas has said he decided to set up Greybull in the wake of the financial crisis, when traditional banks withdrew lending, as he spotted an opportunity to charge higher fees. [...] The Scunthorpe steelworks is one of the last two left in Britain along with Port Talbot in south Wales, after the Redcar facility on Teesside closed in 2015. It supplies steel for customers including Network Rail and supports 22,000 jobs in its supply chain, on top of 4,500 direct employees.

==24hrs later==
British Steel staves off threat of collapse – without state help

[...] British Steel’s private equity owner, Greybull Capital, and its bank lenders are still understood to feel that the government must either agree a Brexit deal that dispels the cloud of uncertainty hanging over the business, or contribute some cash soon.

&! Theresa May departure could not come at a worse time. Gov taking their eyes off Steel Industry
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5 weeks ago by asterisk2a
Will Artificial Intelligence Enhance or Hack Humanity? | WIRED
the ability to hack humans: to create an algorithm that understands me better than I understand myself, and can therefore manipulate me, enhance me, or replace me. And this is something that our philosophical baggage and all our belief in, you know, human agency and free will, and the customer is always right, and the voter knows best, it just falls apart once you have this kind of ability.

The easiest people to manipulate are the people who believe in free will, because they think they cannot be manipulated.

With all the issues of privacy, if you have a big battle between privacy and health, health is likely to win hands down.

we have two distinct dystopias that kind of mesh together. We have the dystopia of surveillance capitalism, in which there is no like Big Brother dictator, but more and more of your decisions are being made by an algorithm. ... And then you have the full fledged dystopia of a totalitarian regime based on a total surveillance system.

we believe the new chapter of AI needs to be written by cross-pollinating efforts from humanists, social scientists, to business leaders, to civil society, to governments, to come at the same table to have that multilateral and cooperative conversation.

But let's say that analyzing the historical data suggests that women are more likely to repay their loans than men. Do we strip that out? Or do we allow that to stay in? If you allow it to stay in, you get a slightly more efficient financial system? If you strip it out, you have a little more equality before between men and women. How do you make decisions about what biases you want to strip and which ones are okay to keep?

analyzing Hollywood movies and using a machine learning face-recognition algorithm, which is a very controversial technology these days, to recognize Hollywood systematically gives more screen time to male actors than female actors.

...more and more countries are waking up to the realization that [AI] could be the technology of domination in the 21st century. ... like with the nuclear arms race, to make people in different countries realize that this is an arms race, that whoever wins, humanity loses. And it's the same with AI. If AI becomes an arms race, then this is extremely bad news for all humans.

I think, most people when they think arms race in AI, they think USA versus China, but there are almost 200 other countries in the world. And most of them are far, far behind. And when they look at what is happening, they are increasingly terrified. And for a very good reason. a way it's worse than the nuclear arms race because with nukes, at least until today, countries developed them, but never use them. AI will be used all the time. It's not something you have on the shelf for some Doomsday war. It will be used all the time to create potentially total surveillance regimes and extreme totalitarian systems, in one way or the other. And so, from this perspective, I think the danger is far greater.

economic and political consequences could be catastrophic. We are talking about the potential collapse of entire economies and countries, countries that depend on cheap manual labor, and they just don't have the educational capital to compete in a world of AI. So what are these countries going to do? I mean, if, say, you shift back most production from, say, Honduras or Bangladesh to the USA and to Germany, because the human salaries are no longer part of the equation and it's cheaper to produce the shirt in California than in Honduras, so what will the people there do? AI sidekick that serves me and not some corporation or government. ... So yes, it can hack me but it hacks me in order to protect me. Like my computer has an antivirus but my brain hasn't ... against hackers and trolls and so forth. ... Create an AI sidekick, which I paid for, maybe a lot of money and it belongs to me, and it follows me and it monitors me and what I do in my interactions, but everything it learns, it learns in order to protect me from manipulation by other AIs, by other outside influencers. ... It's not that I want an AI that belongs to Google or to the government that I can trust. I want an AI that I'm its master. It's serving me.
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7 weeks ago by Tonti

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