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That feeling when you're on acid and get too close to a zebra.

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5 days ago by cshier
RT : Here's a gist of the at / on game development in . We went from a fresh…
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18 days ago by stefanscheidt
Fun(c) 2018.7: John De Goes - FP to the Max - YouTube
Functional Programming
- Totality; For every input, they return an output
- Deterministic; For the same input, they return the same output.
- Pure. The only effect is computing the return value.

Type-Based Reasoning
- Allows us to reason about a function without drilling into the details.
- Types can be like a compression algorithm for a function.

Partial Functions
- Functions that only can only handle a subset of inputs.

Lots of interesting stuff in this presentation. I feel like I should write this code myself in order to better understand.
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19 days ago by aesterline
El código como una forma de expresión
Charla de Patxangas sobre programación creativa
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8 weeks ago by pr3ssh
Record and share your terminal sessions, the right way.
free and open source tool for recording and sharing terminal sessions.
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10 weeks ago by davidnunez
AMEN $ Mother Function
"One sample, one function – a live-coded, single function demolition of the most ubiquitous sample in modern music."
PraxisLIVE  livecoding  amenbreak  JAVA  Processing  Proce55ing 
11 weeks ago by nodalpoint
first tests live coding p5.js in atom!
+ using the p5 canvas as an input to hydra.
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11 weeks ago by cshier
Praxis LIVE
"Hybrid visual IDE", livecoding/patching UI for Java/Processing/GLSL

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may 2018 by nodalpoint

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