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Brexit: May's government defeats no-confidence motion by 325 to 306 votes – Politics live | Politics | The Guardian
Politics live with Andrew Sparrow
Brexit: May's government defeats no-confidence motion by 325 to 306 votes – Politics live

* Government survives Labour’s no-confidence vote amid uncertainty over next Brexit steps

* Full story: Theresa May’s government survives vote
* Obsession, vanity or grit? what makes May tick?
* How did your MP vote?
* Extracts from Tom Watson’s damning speech on May
* Evening summary


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Evening summary
Andrew Sparrow Andrew Sparrow

Theresa May has comfortably won the no confidence vote, by 325 to 306 - a majority of 19. The vote came after a debate which saw Jeremy Corbyn accuse her of leading “a zombie government”. And Tom Watson, the deputy Labour leader, closed the debate with a powerful speech saying May does not “possess the necessary political skills, empathy, ability, and most crucially the policy, to lead this country any longer”. (See 7.23pm.)

Opposition party leaders have refused an invitation from May to join her for talks about an alternative approach to Brexit until she abandons some of her red lines. After the vote May said she would like talks to start tonight. But Corbyn and the Lib Dems said they would not engage with her until she ruled out a no-deal Brexit. And the SNP said she would have to be willing to discuss extending article 50 and holding a second referendum before they agreed to participate.

Downing Street has flatly ruled out customs union membership, before the cross-party Brexit talks Theresa May promised on Tuesday night have even begun. May also delivered the same message in her speech in the debate. (See 4.14pm.)
Michel Barnier has said Brexit is at a standstill after the crushing rejection of Theresa May’s deal by MPs but offered to return to the negotiating table if parliament forces Theresa May to shift her “red lines”.

Business leaders have suggested the UK resembles a “supertanker heading for the rocks” that will not be saved unless factions in the Conservative party drop their own “red lines” for a Brexit deal.

Investors expect a delay to Britain’s exit from the EU following the crushing defeat of the prime minister’s Brexit deal, the Bank of England governor has said.

Half a dozen Labour MPs came out in support of a second referendum for the first time at a Westminster photocall, arguing it was the “the only logical option” if the party could not secure a general election.

Jacob Rees-Mogg hosted a champagne party for Brexiter colleagues on Tuesday night following the Commons vote that inflicted the worst defeat in modern history upon a UK prime minister, it has emerged.

That is all from me for tonight. My colleague Mattha Busby is taking over now.

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David Byrne on Vimeo
Recital año 1992, estadio Obras, presentando "Rey Momo"
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