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Objective-See Tools
Free OS X Security Tools (KnockKnock, TaskExplorer, BlockBlock, RansomWhere?, OverSight, Lockdown, KextViewr, ...).
macos  software  lists  hardening 
19 hours ago by crahan
The Apple Toolchain
The following is a list of common tools used to manage Apple devices. Do you use something that isn’t on this list? Comment it and I’ll try and add it! In order to remain vendor agnostic I am trying to list solutions in alphabetical order by category.
2017  macos  software  lists 
20 hours ago by crahan
early modern digital collections – Wynken de Worde
A list of digital collections of early printed books with open-access reuse policies, ranging from public domain to CC BY-SA; descriptions of copyright and licensing are simplifications focused on early modern materials, linked to full information. via Pocket
catalog  history  lists  open  access 
2 days ago by kintopp
What scientists want: Robert Boyle’s to-do list | The Repository | Royal Society
Over three hundred years ago, Robert Boyle FRS wrote a list of things that he hoped could be achieved through science. Beginning with ‘The Prolongation of Life’, the list includes items such as ’emulating fish … by custom and education only’, ‘attaining gigantick dimensions’, and ‘recovery of youth, or at least the signs of it’.
list  lists 
3 days ago by whip_lash
names of Disney dwarves
Bashful, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, and Sneezy were picked. The name of their leader, Doc, was chosen later
Disney  movies  lists 
4 days ago by wolfreporter
Dream Jobs |
This is weird. Most of these lists seem particularly incoherent.
jobs  labor  lists  research 
5 days ago by po

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