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appleby/Lisp-In-Small-Pieces: Programs from the book Lisp in Small Pieces, updated to work on modern schemes
Updated code from Lisp in Small Pieces to work with modern Scheme/Lisp environments
lisp  book  github 
2 days ago by mrnugget
Load data into PostgreSQL. Fast.
Pgloader loads data into PostgreSQL using the COPY streaming protocol, and doing so with separate threads for reading and writing data. Asynchronous IO, compiled to the metal programming language.
database  postgres  lisp 
3 days ago by myles
The Hackett Programming Language
A Haskell-inspired (static, purely functional, lazy, …) Racket-based (Lisp, macros, metaprogramming) language.
programming-language  Haskell  Racket  lisp  lazy  functional-programming  static 
5 days ago by chris_johnsen

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