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Lecture 1A | MIT 6.001 Structure and Interpretation, 1986 - YouTube
MIT Hal Abelson from 1986. Looks to be very good and includes playlist.
programming  lisp  MIT  SICP 
2 days ago by brentfarwick
Geiser: Top
Geiser is a collection of Emacs major and minor modes that conspire with one or more Scheme interpreters to keep the Lisp Machine Spirit alive. It draws inspiration (and a bit more) from environments such as Common Lisp’s Slime, Factor’s FUEL, Squeak or Emacs itself, and does its best to make Scheme hacking inside Emacs (even more) fun.
emacs  scheme  geiser  programming  tools  lisp 
2 days ago by haikara
- SICP in Guile & Emacs Lisp
sicp  guile  programming  lisp  scheme 
3 days ago by othertom

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