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Elfreda Chatman - Wikipedia
Dr. Elfreda A. Chatman was well known for her ethnographic approaches in researching information seeking behaviors among understudied or minority groups (poor people, the elderly, retired women, female inmates, and janitors).
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10 weeks ago by shannon_mattern
Heyyyy , , and folks

If we claim that people are welcome in a space or institution but refr…
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11 weeks ago by DocDre
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please …. stop letting middle-aged crusty men make teenage lesbian kissing simulators …… stop buying their games ….. stop funding this garbage. seriously. when we keep our standards and expectations of media this low, we become permissive of mediocrity, and we become complicit in the creation of more insincere, contrived, and often distasteful stories. imagine the video games we might see created if we stopped supporting creators that continually prove their incompetence?
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12 weeks ago by yiqing
RT : This is just a sneak peak into my mega research project. Share with interested friends and get in tou…
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october 2018 by wragge
RT : Chronic illness in : Our profession is largely working-age women - the demographic most often diagnosed with…
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september 2018 by LibrariesVal
Job: Humanities Research & Digital Scholarship Librarian, University of Minnesota
"The University of Minnesota Libraries invites applications for a collaborative and innovative liaison librarian to work with scholars in the humanities and participate in the Digital Arts, Sciences, & Humanities (DASH) program. The librarian in this position will serve as liaison to students, faculty, and staff affiliated with the Classical & Near East Studies Department, Philosophy Department, and Religious Studies Program. Liaison librarians combine skills in outreach, teaching, technology, and collection development with their knowledge of scholarly practices in assigned disciplines to partner with academic departments. This position includes a role in DASH, a cross-disciplinary program supporting faculty and students who employ digital methodologies and technologies in their research, teaching, and creative work." No posted deadline.
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august 2018 by miriamposner

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