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Whiskey & Clay
Copitas, clay and stoneware pottery to drink whiskey and mezcal
gifts  newmexico  liquor 
11 weeks ago by djuth
Oud Amsterdam genever
A touristy liquor store in central Amsterdam, sells aged genever from barrels
genever  gin  liquor  spirits  amsterdam 
september 2018 by nelson
Cocktails Machine | Automated Cocktail Dispensing and Mixing Device
GiG 15 Pro is a cocktail mixing device that will bring the Smart cocktail philosophy to your business: recipes from professional bartenders served in only 5 seconds.

Capacity for 75 preloaded recipes with the previous steps to embellish the glass and adding the ingredients. Modify, delete and add new cocktails

Access anytime to a breakdown of the consumed ingredients and the most demanded cocktails stored on the cloud. Increase your profitability controlling the measures in a totally reliable way.

The app will notify your staff when an ingredient has to be replaced and It will show how to do it

Cocktails Machine app has a self-service mode thanks to a barcode system, which makes it the perfect choice for the guests in a non-staffed event or buffet space.
cocktails  cocktail  alcohol  dispenser  liquor  beverage  mixing  machine  F&B  automation  robot  robotics  recipe  selfservice  technology  tech  bar  spirits  drinks 
september 2018 by csaper

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