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Shopify Cheat Sheet — A resource for building Shopify Themes with Liquid
This cheat sheet is an interactive reference for the Liquid templating language that will help you build ecommerce templates on Shopify.
liquid  shopify  doodleskull  store  theme  coding  via:karrilahti 
7 days ago by imgiseverything
Liquid for Designers
There are two types of markup in Liquid: Output and Tag.
shopify  liquid  jekyll  template  language  code  tags 
10 days ago by fjordaan
Liquid for Designers · Shopify/liquid Wiki
Array first and last. If you have an expression whose value is an array, you can follow it with .first or .last to resolve to its first or last element.
jekyll  liquid  yaml 
10 days ago by dwhite
String filters - Filters - Shopify Help Center
String filters are used to manipulate outputs and variables of the string type.
jekyll  liquid  template  language  string  whitespace 
19 days ago by fjordaan
Shopify Liquid REPL
Looks promising for testing out basic Liquid data types, variable assignment and control flow and outputting variables.
tool  shopify  liquid  repl  development  testing  syntax 
4 weeks ago by racl101

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