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How can I extract a page range / a part of a PDF? - Ask Ubuntu
Use pdfshuffler and also suggests MANY other ways to do it.
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yesterday by pleclerc
Groking the Linux SPI Subsystem - Matt Porter
The Serial Peripheral Interconnect (SPI) bus is a ubiquitous de facto standard found in many embedded systems produced today. The Linux kernel has long supported this bus via a comprehensive framework which supports both SPI master and slave devices. The session will explore the abstractions the framework provides to expose this hardware to both kernel and userspace clients. In addition, we will discuss subtle features of the SPI subsystem that may be used to satisfy hardware and performance requirements in an embedded Linux system.
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yesterday by kort
A month of /proc | OpsTips
The challange has ben set - a month of blog posts around procfs!
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yesterday by grinful
Eleven bash Tips You Might Want to Know – zwischenzugs
which will run the script and do so while retaining the environment changes in the script in your environment.
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yesterday by cjitlal
systemd-timesyncd is a daemon that has been added for synchronizing the system clock across the network. It implements an SNTP client. In contrast to NTP implementations [...] this only implements a client side, and does not bother with the full NTP complexity, focusing only on querying time from one remote server and synchronizing the local clock to it.
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yesterday by p6ril

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