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Termux: Terminal emulator and Linux environment for Android
" works directly with no rooting or setup required. A minimal base system is installed automatically - additional packages are available using the APT package manager."
Also note that the API add-on can give low-level Android API access, like vibration, camera info, battery status, and more.
android  shell  linux  app 
6 hours ago by mechazoidal
GNURoot Debian | Android App Store
"GNURoot Debian provides a method for you to install and use Debian and its associated applications/packages alongside Android. This does NOT require root. A regular uninstall fully cleans up after this application. This is expandable and you will be able to install your own applciations/packages into it. Inside GNURoot Debian, you can create a root file system, launch into it, or delete it."
( )
(could same techniques be used to install inferno as an android guest?)
android  app  linux  pmz 
6 hours ago by mechazoidal
GitHub - meefik/linuxdeploy: Install and run GNU/Linux on Android
"The application creates a disk image on a flash card, mounts it and installs an OS distribution. Applications of the new system are run in a chroot environment and working together with the Android platform. All changes made on the device are reversible, i.e. the application and components can be removed completely. Installation of a distribution is done by downloading files from official mirrors online over the internet. The application requires superuser rights (ROOT)."
(pmz: could be useful to see what's needed for a android boot image, along with salvaging old phones)
repo:github  android  linux  pmz 
6 hours ago by mechazoidal
"PPSTOP tracks the amount of memory from the process' proportional share of this mapping (Pss) and the proportional swap share of the mapping (SwapPss).

Others tools like ps doesn't give an acurate detail of which processes are consuming the memory of our system . Depending on how you look at it, ps is not reporting the real memory usage of processes. What it is really doing is showing how much real memory each process would take up if it were the only process running."
memory  performance  linux  programming  testing 
8 hours ago by ssam
Clear Linux Project | for Intel® Architecture
Clear Linux OS for Intel Architecture is focused on the Cloud. Our aim was not to make yet another general-purpose Linux distribution; sometimes lean-and-fast is better than big-and-universal.
While we do our best to describe marquee technologies on this website, there are many smaller optimizations and configurations to explore. We invite anyone with an interest in the Cloud to take a look and give it a spin
linux  os  distribution 
9 hours ago by hayzer
5 Things to learn how to do in GNU/Linux via Command-Line - gHacks Tech News
Mike explains important things (file operations, users, killing processes) that you can do using the terminal on Linux machines.
linux  command_line 
10 hours ago by kger

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