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The Oroborus Project
Oroborus basically is a really minimalistic window manager, which is about 75kb small on a PowerPC machine and about 63kb on an x86 machine. "Minimalistic" means that the Oroborus window manager doesn't provide some things other window managers provide. So you will need some external tools also provided by this project.
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august 2018 by ezequiel
Modified Oroborus for Mac OS X
OroborOSX is an X11 environment designed for use in rootless mode with XDarwin on Mac OS X. It is currently being used with Mac OS X from version 10.0.x to the latest 10.2.1.
xquartz  windowmanager  oldversion  2005  opensource  macosx  lins  x11 
august 2018 by ezequiel
Action Life Media | Home of the mCAM
Avancerat iPhonefodral för filmning - med inbyggd vidvinkellins, extern mic etc.

(as seen in
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august 2012 by oompoo
#LinS :: Shiny stats based on your Linkedin™ socialgraph!
Most of my 366 Linkedin™ contacts are from Amsterdam Area, Netherlands and work in the Design industry ➠ ❞
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november 2009 by
Visible Dust Review
Artikel om bra dammpenslar för rengöring av bildsensorn på digitala systemkameror.
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october 2004 by Aetles

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