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The Jail in the Gunter Hotel
>The Gunter Hotel in Frostburg, Maryland has a rich history, some of which is entangled in illicit affairs. In addition to housing travelers, the antique building also contained a jail, a speakeasy, and at one point a cockfighting ring in the basement.

I went to college in Frostburg and can also add that the hotel has a super creepy collection of porcelain dolls 🤪.
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yesterday by guy
Disaggregating the economy: cost of living | askblog
here are the US states color-coded according to per capita GDP with an adjustment for Regional Price Parities: that is, it’s a measure of income adjusted for what it actually costs to buy housing and other goods. With that change, California, New York, and Maryland are no longer in the top category. Hoever, a number of midwestern states like Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, and my own Minnesota move into the top category. A number of states in the mountain west and south that were in the lowest-income category when just looking at per capita GDP move up a category or two when the Regional Price Parities are taken into account.
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yesterday by nhaliday
Vacationland: True Stories from Painful Beaches by John Hodgman
> a poignant and sincere account of one human facing his forties, those years when men in particular must stop pretending to be the children of bright potential they were and settle into the failing bodies of the wiser, weird dads that they are.

I'm closing in on the mid-40s and weird dad with failing bodies sounds about right.
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2 days ago by guy
central resource about creation of demoscene 1kb, 4kb and 8kb intros.
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2 days ago by slowbyte
Commentaria in Aristotelem Graeca - Wikipedia
Commentaria in Aristotelem Graeca [edita consilio et auctoritate academiae litterarum Regiae Borussicae] (CAG) is the standard collection of extant ancient Greek commentaries on Aristotle. The 23 volumes in the series were released between the years 1882 and 1909 by the publisher Reimer. Many of these commentaries have since been translated into English by the Ancient commentators project.
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2 days ago by nhaliday
Programming Model - AWS Lambda
You write code for your Lambda function in one of the languages AWS Lambda supports. Regardless of the language you choose, there is a common pattern to writing code for a Lambda function that includes the following core concepts: [...]  amazon.lambda  documentation  reference  guide  tips  links  node.js  java  dotnet  python  api 
3 days ago by ezequiel
Multi-Cloud Begets Confusion, Calls for Automation
One reason is confusion over how enterprises define multi-cloud: Just over half of those polled defined it as including a combination of either public or private clouds along with on-premise infrastructure. (That is also a widely accepted definition of "hybrid clouds".) Meanwhile, 23 percent of respondents said multi-cloud includes all three: public and private clouds along with their own datacenters.
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3 days ago by cote
OctoLinker Links together, what belongs together.
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4 days ago by vonc

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