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Beck Tench – The Informed Life
This podcast hit on all cylinders for me with its information management focus on a personal level, but also productivity, as well as the theoretical focus of how digital tools can fit into a calm reflective life.
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23 days ago by vanderwal
The Incomparable | Allergic to Brands (Episode 446)
This podcast digs into William Gibson's "Pattern Recognition" (a sliver into the other two books in the Bigend Trilogy) and reminded me this trilogy is in need for a re-read. 16 years ago this book had strong echos to the work and edges of the world I was moving around in as well as a precursor to the next 5 that followed. At the time I couldn't get enough conversation about this book (and then Spook Country that followed).
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8 weeks ago by vanderwal
We didn’t see this coming | Bill Gates
This year's Bill and Melinda Gates annual letter focusses on surprises they found in this past year of their work with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
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9 weeks ago by vanderwal

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