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Linkers and connectors
In spite of / despite [a pesar de]
On one hand / on the other hand [por un lado... por el otro lado]
Due to [debido a]
Therefore [por lo tanto, por eso, luego]
Nevertheless [sin embargo]
As well as [además de]
For instance [por ejemplo]
Whereas [mientras que]
So [así que, por lo que]
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5 weeks ago by iteruel
Merge strings using concurrent hash map (3rd try!)
Attempts to speed up the LLVM linker using a probabilistic model
october 2017 by jopamer
Beginner's Guide to Linkers
"This article is intended to help C & C++ programmers understand the essentials of what the linker does. I've explained this to a number of colleagues over the years, so I decided it was time to write it down so that it's more widely available (and so that I don't have to explain it again). "
"If your reaction to ['undefined reference' link error] is 'almost certainly missing extern "C"' then you probably already know everything in this article."
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june 2017 by mechazoidal
Ian Lance Taylor on Linkers [Compilation]
All of Ian Lance Taylors linker articles in one place
august 2016 by mpage

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