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Phil LaBoon ™ on LinkedIn: "One of the biggest factors to be successful? Knowing your limitations... In the video below you'll see the LA Ram coach's assistant pulling him out of the way so he doesn't accidentally bump officials. This is his only job...
One of the biggest factors to be successful? Knowing your limitations... In the video below you'll see the LA Ram coach's assistant pulling him out of the way so he doesn't accidentally bump officials. This is his only job... via Pocket
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I upvoted LinkedIn Live on Product Hunt: LinkedIn's new video streaming service, available in US 🇺🇸 at February 12, 2019 at 02:55PM
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HiQ v. LinkedIn and the Legality of Web Scraping – Knowmad Law – Medium
hiQ Labs is a data science company that develops tools to help corporate HR departments keep tabs on their workforces. Included in the information hiQ provides to its clients is data scraped from their employees’ public LinkedIn profiles. On May 23, 2017, LinkedIn sent hiQ a cease and desist letter demanding that they stop the practice. Two weeks later, hiQ filed a lawsuit in the Northern District of California, asking the court for a declaratory judgment that scraping LinkedIn’s data was lawful.

On August 14, 2017, the judge granted hiQ’s motion for a temporary restraining order preventing LinkedIn from blocking hiQ’s access to their site while the case was pending, the decision which LinkedIn then appealed to the Ninth Circuit.

In the meantime, scraping has taken on a new political dimension. Mark Zuckerberg’s awkward two-day testimony before Congress last week was necessitated largely by the accusation that Facebook has failed to protect its users’ data from collection by predatory third parties such as Cambridge Analytica.
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3 SocialOomph Alternatives for Small Businesses
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