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Linked Data - Design Issues
Original post on “Linked Data” by TBL.
yesterday by rybesh
Open Information Extraction
Open IE system runs over sentences and creates extractions that represent relations in text
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8 days ago by sachaa
CLARIAH Data Stories ― Index
CLARIAH Data Stories The here presented Data Stories are created within the CLARIAH project. Data Stories are live generated over Linked Datasets. The underlying datasets are published in the Druid data catalogue. Data Stories is developer by Triply. via Pocket
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19 days ago by kintopp
Entity Linking (EL) systems aim to automati- cally map mentions of an entity in text to the corresponding entity in a Knowledge Graph (KG). Degree of connectivity of an entity in the KG directly affects an EL system’s abil- ity to correctly link mentions in text to the entity in KG. This causes many EL systems to perform well for entities well connected to other entities in KG, bringing into focus the role of KG density in EL. In this paper, we propose Entity Linking using Densified Knowledge Graphs (ELDEN). ELDEN is an EL system which first densifies the KG with co-occurrence statistics from a large text cor- pus, and then uses the densified KG to train entity embeddings. Entity similarity measured using these trained entity embeddings result in improved EL. ELDEN outperforms state- of-the-art EL system on benchmark datasets. Due to such densification, ELDEN performs well for sparsely connected entities in the KG too. ELDEN’s approach is simple, yet effec- tive. We have made ELDEN’s code and data publicly available.
nlp  entitydetection  linkeddata  extraction 
22 days ago by rybesh
StructuredStories (@StructStories) | Twitter
David Caswell of BBC Newslabs
Structured Stories is turning news into knowledge by encoding journalism as structured events and structured narratives.
bbc  people  newslabs  linkeddata  ai 
4 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
David Caswell (@DavidACaswell) | Twitter
Executive Product Manager at BBC News Labs. I post about computational narrative and structured journalism as @StructStories
people  bbc  linkeddata  ai  newslabs  narrative 
4 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Apache Jena
A free and open source Java framework for building Semantic Web and Linked Data applications.
data  java  opensource  db  linkeddata  rdf  semanticweb  semantic 
5 weeks ago by kybernetikos

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