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The Farthest: Voyager in Space
Can one properly represent humanity to the rest of the Milky Way galaxy with just two identical space vessels no bigger than a small school bus and two identical copies of a golden metallic long-playing (LP) record attached to the hulls of said vehicles which contain in their grooves sample images, sounds, languages, and music of their makers and their world?
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yesterday by paulgreer
Fascism is Not an Idea to Be Debated, It’s a Set of Actions to Fight
Back when I was in high school in Sarajevo, my best friend was Zoka. We listened to the same bands, went to the same rock shows, found the same stupid things hilarious, played soccer together, skied on the same mountain, supported the same soccer club, confided in each other re: girls, got drunk in the park after school from the same bottle of toxically cheap liquor. We argued about many things, very often about movies—back in the early 1980s (and thereafter) I fancied myself knowledgeable about cinema, which entitled me to deplore the movies he appreciated.
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yesterday by paulgreer
This Is All Donald Trump Has Left
“President Donald Trump often stands near a helicopter on the White House’s South Lawn while reporters shout questions at him. Certain elements of this ritual are the same every time. The wheedling honk of Trump’s voice and the uneasy tilt of his standing-on-a-hoverboard-for-the-first-time posture are constants, as is his customary air of triumphal huffiness. The whining white noise wash from the helicopter bends everything in the same strange direction, with everyone involved only kind of getting maybe three-quarters of what everyone else is saying. The questions change and the answers mostly don’t. It’s never a conversation, although it unfolds roughly along those lines. “
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yesterday by paulgreer
A Super-Earth Orbiting Barnard’s Star
The detection of a planet around Barnard’s Star really hits home for me. No, this isn’t a habitable world, but the whole topic of planets around this star has resonance for those of us who remember the earliest days of exoplanet study, which could be extended back to Peter van de Kamp’s work at Swarthmore’s Sproul Observatory in Pennsylvania. The astronomer thought he had found evidence for a 1.6 Jupiter mass planet in a 4.4 AU orbit there, based on what he interpreted as telltale wobbles in photographic plates of the star taken between 1916 and 1962.
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2 days ago by paulgreer
25 Reasons to Keep on Making Stuff in Times of Crisis
In an epic GIF-laden thread on Twitter, author Chuck Wendig lays out “25 REASONS TO KEEP ON MAKING STUFF IN THIS TIME OF RAMPANT ASSHOLERY”.
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2 days ago by paulgreer
“The Status Page”
- by @warrenellis. I could see how building one of these with RSS feeds and live embeds would be possible. I’ll get to it.
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2 days ago by paulgreer
Impact crater 19 miles wide found beneath Greenland glacier | Science | The Guardian
Crater appears to be result of mile-wide iron meteorite just 12,000 years ago
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2 days ago by paulgreer
Street names as a proxy for history and culture
Street names are stories of life. They tell us something about how the people in a given place work and live, what they believe in and their dreams. There are more than a million streets and squares in Germany. ZEIT ONLINE has compiled a database of the roughly 450,000 different names used. Some street names are used hundreds of times and others only once. But none of the names were chosen at random.
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4 days ago by paulgreer
“Our Planet”, a Nature Documentary Series from David Attenborough & Netflix
It looks like Netflix has sifted through their data and determined subscribers cannot get enough of the Planet Earth and Blue Planet nature series, so they’re making their own. With David Attenborough. The teaser trailer for Our Planet borrows heavily from Planet Earth (fonts & music are similar) but is light on the details, aside from the launch date: April 5, 2019.
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4 days ago by paulgreer
Diabetes and heart health: Know your risk
The American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the American Heart Association (AHA) are teaming up to bring the connection between diabetes and heart disease into focus.

The joint initiative, “Know Diabetes by Heart,” was launched last Thursday, with its own, dedicated website, including resources for patients and practitioners.
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4 days ago by paulgreer
Internal Links | page jumps to sections of a page
tags: link links hyperlink hyperlinks internal external how to go goto a certain part of the same or another page ;;;
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5 days ago by neerajsinghvns
Link Tracker / Click Tracker / Traffic Tracker:
Link Tracker / Click Tracker / Traffic Tracker for your business. A/B testing, URL Rotator, URL shortener and more. Advanced features, low prices.
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5 days ago by kpieper876
Human Terrain
Visualizing the World’s Population, in 3D
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5 days ago by theafter
Plastic Odyssey - Home
The first round-the-world expedition on a boat powered solely by plastic waste
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5 days ago by theafter
Compulsory viewing: the Computer Animation Festival at SIGGRAPH Asia Tokyo 2018
The ‘CAF’ takes in the Animation and Electronic Theater, and the VR Theater, plus a selection of panels and talks about the latest in computer animation and visual effects. It’s definitely one of the best places to catch up with films from around the world.
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5 days ago by paulgreer
The magnetic generosity of the network effect
An idea shared is more powerful than one that’s hidden. A technology standard outperforms a proprietary one. A community is stronger than divided individuals ever could be.
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5 days ago by paulgreer

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