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Exquisite fossils show butterflies appeared before there were flowers to pollinate
The two paleontologists dissolving rock cores more than 200 million years old were looking for vestiges of freshwater algae. Instead, tiny fragments of insect scales caught their eye — remnants that a report published Wednesday identifies as the oldest evidence of butterflies and moths.
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20 hours ago by paulgreer
Molten Salt Could Power the Next Clean Energy Revolution
Clean energy companies like SolarReserve want to prove molten salt can aid solar power electricity any time of day. The potential is there, but the price of generating power and the importance of energy storage must be addressed.
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2 days ago by paulgreer
2 Easy Methods to Link the Names in Excel to Corresponding Outlook Contacts
Many users ask for methods to link the names in an Excel worksheet to the relevant Outlook contacts. Now, in this article, we will introduce 2 such ways.
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2 days ago by DataNumen
"Just Wait": On the 35th Anniversary of John Carpenter's The Thing (1982)
Carpenter also deliberately avoids giving us a full and clear forensic timeline. Much like MacReady investigating the decimated Norwegian base, we’re often left to our best guesses about the Thing’s handiwork. We don’t always know if the characters have reasoned things out correctly, which makes The Thing both that much spookier and eminently rewatchable. Who sabotaged the blood bank? When did the Thing assimilate the character who is outed by MacReady’s blood test? Was one character’s apparent suicide really a suicide? And what about that ending? There’s a cottage industry of internet theorists dedicated to answering these questions, and even the likes of Russell and Cundey have not been able to resist participating in all the speculation. However, there’s something really quite rattling about The Thing’s intentionally inconclusive qualities.
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2 days ago by paulgreer
Satellite Link Budget Calculator
This is basically a calculator for link power analysis given various values in a satellite communication system.
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3 days ago by anandsoft
Satcom - Satellite Communications Tutorials
This section provides several tutorials on Satellite Communications, including satellite systems, link budgeting, satellite pointing angle calculator, and other related topics.
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3 days ago by anandsoft

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