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Provides articles on rf cable measurement, noise and impedance measurements, cable assembly testing, and others. The articles are useful for working professionals working in the area of rf and satcom. Online cable testing tutorial provides various parameters that are necessary for characterizing a cable assembly.
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11 hours ago by anandsoft
Dropbox and symlinks
Dropbox’s handling of symlinks is fantastic for one particularly handy purpose … and rather janky for others.
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5 days ago by ebouchut
Google’s city of the future could be a cultural void. Here’s how to fix it
But did you notice there was no mention of culture in this futuristic city?
There are no images of galleries or theatres. Maybe that’s intentional. But more importantly, I don’t see a future where culture is embraced in its broadest sense. I mean culture as the distinguishing factor of a place; its way of life, customs, and expressions.
It seems exceptionally well planned. But well planned spaces can lose their sense of place. Or, in this case, it would be void of one from the beginning.
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9 days ago by kvl
Holdout houses giving the finger to redevelopment
Holdouts can be found anyplace that urban expansion clashes with longtime residential communities. But their visibility in the modern city is pronounced, no doubt a symptom of density and growth, and the constant struggle between commercial and residential interests.
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10 days ago by kvl

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