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Fintan O’Toole: Trial runs for fascism are in full flow
Babies in cages were no ‘mistake’ by Trump but test-marketing for barbarism
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12 hours ago by paulgreer
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yesterday by kpieper876
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yesterday by kpieper876
The conventional wisdom about not feeding trolls makes online abuse worse
“According to the conventional wisdom of the internet, there’s one simple guideline for responding to trolls: don’t feed them. Ignore them, don’t react to them, don’t give them the attention they want. The axiom has become such a reflexive piece of advice and assumed knowledge that it can often be difficult to see the misperceptions and dismissiveness at its heart, the four hideous lies that perpetuate the cycle of misunderstanding, and the grim, cruel reality it has helped to enable in online culture.”
- via @newsmary
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2 days ago by paulgreer
New South African Telescope Releases Epic Image of the Galactic Center
This image shows filaments of particles, structures that seem to exist in alignment with the galaxy’s central black hole. It’s unclear what causes these filaments. Maybe they are particles ejected by the spinning black hole; maybe they are hypothesized “cosmic strings;” and maybe they’re not unique, and there are other, similar structures waiting to be found, according to a 2017 release from Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics….’
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2 days ago by paulgreer
Ross 128b: Analyzing a Planet by the Light of its Star
What we know about Ross 128b is that it orbits 20 times closer to its star than the Earth orbits the Sun, but receives only 1.38 times more irradiation than the Earth, with an equilibrium temperature estimated anywhere between -60 degrees Celsius and 20°C, the host star being small and relatively cool. But bear in mind that what we get from radial velocity is a minimum mass, because we don’t know at what angle this system presents itself in our sky. Now a team led by Diogo Souto (Observatório Nacional, Brazil) is attempting to deduce more about the planet’s composition using an unusual method: Analyzing the composition of the host star.
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2 days ago by paulgreer
Salad in a jar, oat bites and pot pie: food hacks for busy people
Nutritionist Rosie Mansfield’s new book aims to help more people make good food fast
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3 days ago by paulgreer
The Blog Garden
In some ways this would be a return to what I did a few years ago with my Gospel of the Trees site, which arose because what I wanted to say about trees just couldn’t be made to fit into a book, in part because it refused to become a linear narrative or argument and in part because it was so image-dependent and book publishers don’t like the cost of that. But the advantage of a tag over a standalone site is that each post can have other tags as well, which lead down other paths of reflection and information, in a Zettelkasten sort of way.
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4 days ago by paulgreer
More Recycling Won't Solve Plastic Pollution
The only thing worse than being lied to is not knowing you’re being lied to. It’s true that plastic pollution is a huge problem, of planetary proportions. And it’s true we could all do more to reduce our plastic footprint. The lie is that blame for the plastic problem is wasteful consumers and that changing our individual habits will fix it.
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5 days ago by paulgreer
How do you get a 100 strong flypast in and out of London?
> Getting such a big flypast into and out of London was always going to have an impact … needing months of planning. By the end of the event, around 2,000 people from the RAF, NATS, CAA and affected airports were involved.
6 days ago by bensmithuk
Kids as young as 1 in US court, awaiting reunion with family
PHOENIX (AP) — The 1-year-old boy in a green button-up shirt drank milk from a bottle, played with a small purple ball that lit up when it hit the ground and occasionally asked for “agua.”

Then it was the child’s turn for his court appearance before a Phoenix immigration judge, who could hardly contain his unease with the situation during the portion of the hearing where he asks immigrant defendants whether they understand the proceedings.
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7 days ago by paulgreer
#Comicsgate: How an Anti-Diversity Harassment Campaign in Comics Got Ugly—and Profitable
In July of 2017, five days after the death of groundbreaking comics publisher Flo Steinberg, a group of Marvel Comics’ female staff went out for milkshakes to celebrate her legacy. One of them, Heather Antos—at the time an assistant editor at the company working on The Unbelievable Gwenpool—snapped a selfie of the group holding their sweets and posted it on Twitter.
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7 days ago by paulgreer
How to talk about gender at events
Realised I was well-intentioned but ignorant on this subject - this is really useful.
8 days ago by bensmithuk
General election - Norway-style deal - second referendum
When the facts change, you have to ask whether it is appropriate to change your mind. Labour has “won” the political battle that opened up in June 2016. By standing firm on the implementation of the referendum result; pushing consistently for a soft-Brexit deal short of Norway; refusing to support or rule out a second referendum; opening strong communication lines with Brussels and the European capitals, Jeremy Corbyn and Keir Starmer have forced May into a position she cannot carry with her own party. But in the process, Labour has sacrificed its appeal among the FBPE crowd; people so viscerally opposed to Brexit that when Labour’s Rosena Allin-Khan demanded publicly-funded screenings of the World Cup semi-final on Saturday, the FBPE-ers denounced her for creating a “distraction” from Brexit.
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8 days ago by paulgreer
How to treat Morrissey? Stop listening to him | Stewart Lee | Opinion | The Guardian
It’s hard when our idols disappoint us. But as it happened, my break from the former Smiths frontman came easily…
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9 days ago by paulgreer

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