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George Orwell: Politics and the English Language
I hadn't read this in a while. I now think Orwell is actually wrong about a lot of this, but it's an interesting one to revisit.
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11 minutes ago by brennen
Language Log » English or Mandarin as the World Language?
- writing system frequently mentioned as barrier
- also imprecision of Chinese might hurt its use for technical writing
- most predicting it won't (but English might be replaced by absence of lingua franca per Nicholas Ostler)
linguistics  language  foreign-lang  china  asia  anglo  world  trends  prediction  speculation  expert-experience  analytical-holistic  writing  network-structure  science  discussion  commentary  flux-stasis  nationalism-globalism 
19 hours ago by nhaliday
Prosodic unit - Wikipedia
In linguistics, a prosodic unit, often called an intonation unit or intonational phrase, is a segment of speech that occurs with a single prosodic contour (pitch and rhythm contour).
In  linguistics  a  prosodic  unit  often  called  an  intonation  or  intonational  phrase  is  segment  of  speech  that  occurs  with  single  contour  (pitch  and  rhythm  contour). 
2 days ago by jberkel
White Words – Popula
On "Eskimos have 50 words for snow"
10 days ago by robincamille

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